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        Welcome, to the Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation Human Resources Office.  This site is designed to provide information to all users. Click on the below links for information and forms:

» Judicial Branch Application for Employment Excel Fill-in Format or .PDF format Revised Feb 25, 2011
» Employee Policies and Procedures (EPP), Annotated and including all Appendices and Addendums)  Effective November 5, 2010 (JCN-10-10) Amended July 18, 2013 (AO 30-2013)
» Personnel Rules for Judges and Justices   (JCJA-02-03)
» Judicial Branch Affirmative Action Plan
» Donation of Sick Leave Policy and Form
» Employee Compensatory Time Application Form Updated January 3, 2017
» Leave Request Form
» Direct Deposit Form
» Confidentiality Agreement  Updated July 5, 2016
» Workers Compensation

Navajo Nation Insurance Services Department

» Navajo Nation Employee Benefits

        On November 8, 2010, the Judiciary Committee of the 21st Navajo Nation Council approved and adopted the Judicial Branch Employee Policies and Procedures by resolution JCN-10-10.  The Employee Policies and Procedures (“EPP”) addresses the relationship between the administrator and employee, the employment within the Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation, its courts, programs and administrative offices. 

        It states and establishes the parameters in employee relations and procedures for personnel related scenarios, i.e. recruitment, selection and hiring, performance of duties, sexual harassment, employee benefits, disciplinary actions and grievances, consistent with Employment Laws [Naanish Bibeehaz’aanii] and the Navajo Preference in Employment Act.  The Employee Policies and Procedures are designed to provide general guidance and resolution.

        Pursuant to 7 N.N.C. § 371, the  Chief Justice of the Navajo Nation has both the sole responsibility and duty to administer the Judicial Branch, in accordance with law and the approved EPP of the Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation.