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Last updated on September 06, 2011


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Thu, Dec 23, 2010, 10:17 am

TOC Emergency Meeting, physical and telephonic, NNDIT, WR


Harold Skow *

Ben Mariano* via phone

Josephine Foo, PM Team via phone, Alternate for Chief Justice*

Orlando Bowman*

Frank Burnside Jr.*

Cindy Yellowhair via phone*

Robert Platero, Alternate for Samson, non-voting

Elrena Mitchell, PM

Nelson Billy, DIT via phone

Sonia Nez, DIT

Geraldine Benally, Judge, Shiprock Judicial

Darrell Boye, CI

Ben Gorman, DIT

Alex Largie, DIT via phone

Anthony Spencer, NNDIT BSA




Preliminary matters


After discussion as to whether Mr. Cowboy's last minute alternate Cpt. Platero may vote on his behalf, Cpt. Platero decided he would not vote. Meeting proceeded after establishing that there is a quorum. 


Reclassification of Business Systems Administrator position


Judge G. Benally spoke on her concerns about the agenda item to reclassify the BSA position, saying perhaps we need more resources to support the position, and that the present holder has valuable knowledge already, the pilot needs continuity, time is short to retrain new people, and that the present holder has just been spending time doing clerical duties because of lack of support.  Harold and Elrena spoke on how the project is not moving forward, a great deal of BI hours have been spent with no clarity on what forms have been submitted, and ND is working on the wrong workflows.  Josey explained that the original position had been a toss up between technical and people, and that the people side had been given priority so that the position would be focused on outreach, maintaining buy-in, contact between stakeholders, troubleshoot issues, convene meetings with stakeholders and also the project support team etc. and generally add to the project leadership as the only full time NNIJISP administrator-level position, while at the same time the programming side could be trained.  This has not been the case with this position.  So far, forms have not even been indexed, and the case-specific workflows requested by ND back in July have not even been begun.  Harold's suggestion is to reclass into 3 positions that may be paid hourly or on salary -- an operator position and 2 programming positions.   Harold then moved to amend the voting item, seconded by Orlando.  The TOC voted unanimously 6-0 to get an opinion from Navajo and Judicial HR about the reclassification of the grant-funded BSA position into 3 positions.  The funder has already greenlighted any modification to split the position into 3 and to convert salary to wage.  Action item:  Harold/Elrena to pursue the HR opinions, and if ok, to prepare job descriptions to present at the next TOC meeting to happen as soon as possible.


  Timeline / Project Management


Action Items:  Elrena/NNDIT will prepare a project management plan with a definite GoLive date and include meetings and input/information out to all stakeholders, pilot and rollout, especially identify power users.  Videoconferencing and Microsoft 365 meeting software were briefly discussed.  The different layers of trainings -- for end users and power users -- will be discussed w ND and will be in the PM schedule, including who is going to be power users, end users, and otherwise who will be doing what.  Config also needs case workflows, see below.  These must be included in the PM schedule.  CAs especially must be included in regular meetings.


Configuration meeting - 3rd


Set for Jan 18-21, these will now be delayed because we are not ready.  Comments from staff were that the last config was much the same as the first, perhaps because of a lot of new faces from other districts.  Josey explained that ND needs those specific case workflows so there is no repetition, and this needs to be done before the next and final config.  Action Items:  Projected date for final config is now Feb 8, Elrena to meet with Ethel.  Meetings continue with ND and a meeting is forthcoming with ND engineers.




SEARCH is coming Jan 24-28.  Action Items:  Josey to get Cpt. Platero and Elrena the MOA for Capt. Platero to get signature by Mr. Cowboy.  There will be a Jan 12, 11 am teleconf with SEARCH -- Ben Mariano and Josey wish to join that call.




At motion of Frank Burnside, seconded by Orlando, the TOC voted unanimously 5-0 (Cindy Yellowhair having left the meeting) to permit Harold Skow to present on NNIJISP to the incoming Council in Flagstaff on Wed., Dec 29 with the support of any staff members.  Likely, Elrena and Josey will go in support of Harold.  Action Items:  Harold and staff members to present on NNIJISP on Dec. 29.  Josey will prepare funding and historical reports for Harold by Monday.  Post meeting update:  Josey will not be going but will fully prepare supporting materials for Harold by Monday, 5 pm.


Wed. Dec 15, 2010:

Project management catch-up meeting


Chief Justice Herb Yazzie

Harold Skow

Ben Mariano

Josephine Foo, PM Team

Roberta Sam, Judicial Accountant

Elrena Mitchell, PM

Nelson Billy, DIT

Ben Gorman, DIT

Alex Largie, DIT

Anthony Spencer, NNDIT BSA


Agenda:  Fixed Costs and grants spending deadlines; NIJISP Plan of Operations

December 8, 2010

Shiprock District Court

Attendees; Judge Woody, Judge Benally, Ethel Laughlin, Staff Attorney Derrick Burbank, Anthony Spencer

A meeting took place to discuss the forms that are needed by New Dawn Technologies, it was decided that we have forms that have been developed by the courts, personal and improvised version of court forms.  The Judges asked the staff attorney to go through the forms that will be sent to New Dawn; to see if some can be deleted, merged or can be manufactured from a template; using the same format but, different information  insertion.

The cause for condensing the forms is the number of Business Intelligence hours available to the Navajo Nation. Forms are been prioritized from a High priority to Low priority. Others forms should be able to be mapped and produced within the Navajo Nation as soon as the administrators are able to attend some JDA authoring training in the near future.

December 3, 2010

Justware Web-Demo, Window Rock District Court

Attendees: Bryan Quiram; Presenter- New Dawn Technologies, Anthony Spencer; Presenter-NNIJISP, Barbara Willeto-Court Administrator, Novaline Wilson-Staff Attorney, Joann Plummer-clerk, Leslita Slivers-clerk, Corina Begay-clerk, Mattie Roan-Clerk, Carol K. Perry-Judge, Louise Weaver-Clerk, Serenity Smith-clerk,  Marcellus Morgan-Probation Officer, Pedro S. Tsosie-Bailiff, Patricia Joe-Clerk, Gladys Cleveland-Clerk, T.J. Holgate-Judge

The Window Rock District Court was given an overview of the Justware software and its capabilities, the staff was shown a short PowerPoint presentation of the Justware component, Mr. Bryan Quiram gave a presentation on the usage of the Justware screens, the staff was shown the various kinds of searches, how to enter names, how to manage duplicate names, how information was entered on to Justware, where information is entered, and how documents could be generated from the filing cabinet. Questions were asked on how the system could decipher the many name common among the Navajo’s? How New Dawn obtained the information on the system? How will the system know who is entering the information on the screens? These questions were answered by the Project Implementer and System Administrator.

November 15-18, 2010

Navajo Nation Department of Information and Technology / Technology Summit, Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort, Santa Fe, NM

Attendees: Anthony Spencer, Elrena Mitchell, Josephine Foo, Ben Mariano, Nelson Billy, Alex Largie, Sonia Nez, Harold Skow, Bart Liechty (New Dawn)

Foo presented on the development of NNIJISP; Liechty presented on the capabilities of Justware.

The IT BSA attended the NN DIT summit; I attended several classes in the course of the two days, as were as follows;

Opening Ceremonies; Key note speakers were, Dr. Hans Warner Braun, San Diego University, Lt Gov. Joseph Talachy, Pueblo of Pajoaque, and the Honorable Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr., President of the Navajo Nation.

·         Navajo Nation Integrated Justice Information Sharing Project; Josephine Foo- Associate Attorney, NN Judicial Branch

·         Messaging Systems with Microsoft Exchange; Jason Helmick, Director System Training, INTERFACE

·         Information Sharing, SORNA and the Tribal Law & Order Act; Cabell Cropper, Executive Director, National Criminal Justice Association

·         Panel Forum; “Navajo Data Sharing”

·         General Session: Dr. Elmer Guy, NTC; Theresa Becenti-Aguilar, Commissioner District 4, NMPRC; President Elect and Vice-President Ben Shelly

·         Project Management: Mike Canfield, Valiant Consulting

·         IP Converged Telephony Services; Pearl Lee, Victoria Begay

·         Virtualization; Kutlu Gulamber, ARDAM Technologies

·         Panel Forum: ARRA & Special Projects Information Sharing; Strategic Plans and Governmental Strategies.

·         Closing Session: Harold Skow , Director DIT, Galen Updike Telecommunications Development Manager, Arizona Government Information Technology  Agency

November 3, 2010

Domestic Violence Case Flow work session, Shiprock Family Court

Attendees; Candida Foster, Juanita Foster, Angela Nevayaktewa, Utahna Brown , Elrena  Mitchell, Anthony Spencer, Judge Geraldine Benally

A work session for the domestic violence court clerks was done; the Project Manager and the ITBSA went through the process of establishing a DV case within Justware, we did a case sample; entering a name, establishing a name record, creating  a case,  adding events in the work flow. The staff was shown how to have Justware create documents from the filing cabinet, how to add reminders, how to add pop up as reminders on a case. They also were shown how to entered notes, how to add service of subpoenas and how to add respondents as related to each other.

As the case flow developed, we discovered that forms for the domestic violence portion of Justware were in need of review; some of the forms; i.e. there were two Order to show cause forms, one  was developed by the staff and one developed by a judge. A decision was made to to go through the forms for the DV portion and eliminate some, merge some with a template version, and decide on which forms need to be give to NDT for mapping for usage in the file cabinet. This will be done in the near future

Ms. Mitchell gave the staff an update on the scope of work of the project; what time lines we are looking at, cabling, internet connections

November 2, 2010

Roberta Sam for the Administrative Office of the Court called the ITBSA with good news; the laptop for the NNIJISP has been received; and will be ready for pick up upon being tagged by the Navajo Nation

October 28, 2010

Justware Presentation to the Navajo Nation Child Welfare Implementation Project

Chinle, Arizona; Thunderbird Lodge Inn

Attendees; Marketa Gautreau, Melisa Clyde, Carolyn Benallyson, Thomas Cody, Kathleen Bowman, Candice Martine, Raymond Dawes, Marlene Vanwinkle, Kee Yazzie, Marjorie Clashchee, Stanley Ashley, Rita Yazzie, Leonei Leonard, Gerald Watchman, Michele Jones, Cora Max-Phillips

The Information Tech Business System Administrator was asked to present the Justware software to the Implementation Project team member by Mr. Thomas Cody. The Navajo Nation Integrated Justice Information Sharing Project model was presented to the attendees through a short power point presentation. The concept of how the integrated system will work with the different departments, including the courts, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Probations and the Peacemakers. A short explanation of the how the courts will be tied in through hyper-links. How others at other districts could be able to do name searches, social security or census number searches. How the system will end the redundancy of data entry, how documents can be stored in the filing cabinet and how documents can be produced from the same filing cabinet. 

The Internet connectivity failed, so the actual Justware component was not seen to the staff.


From Anthony Spencer:

·     Efforts continue to enter codes onto the NNIJISP/INSTANCE for probation, peacemakers screens are ongoing, the names of Peacemakers for the Shiprock District entered onto Justware

·         Utahna Brown ( NNIJISP Intern)  updated codes probation / parole

·         Codes for peacemakers screens are being obtained by Utahna Brown and are ongoing

October 22, 2010

Configuration Meeting, San Juan College

Public Defenders Office

Attendees; Kendra Dale, Bryan Quiram, Anthony Spencer

·         The Public Defender’s office was given an overall view of Justware, the function of Justware, how Justware works.

·         The presentation was very brief, as others were taking lunch. We currently have no active forms for the department; a conflict check was done during the course of the presentation

October 22, 2010

Configuration Meeting, San Juan College

Peacemaker Staff: Anne Johnson, Ray Deal, Chester Stanley, Albert Begaye, Lenora Begaye,  Amy Hatalie, Ruby Hosteen, Ben Mariano, Jay McCray, Darlene Brown, Roger Begaye, Marie Denetdale, Gloria Benally, Kendra Dale(Public Defender) Bryan Quriam, Jed Judd, Elrena Mitchell, Anthony Spencer

·         How will Justware be able to keep track of direct and in direct services? This can be achieved by creating an event type for direct and in direct, this will include attributes

·         The staff asked how a walk in case could be tracked. They were shown how to check for a name record and how to enter a new name and how to start a new name record. They were also shown how to copy a name record and how to start a case in the peacemaking screen.

·         Justware does not have all forms needed for the peacemaking; the peacemakers are In the process of building new forms to suit their needs.

·         A listing of Agencies need to be listed in Justware: Grazing Officials, Social Services, Farm Board, Natural Resources, soil and water conversation, water users association, chapter officials, medicine men, clergy, Navajo Housing Authority, Reality Offices, Schools as Peacemaker resources.

·         A listing of all peacemakers needs to be complied and put into Justware; this list should be Navajo Nation wide.

·         Truancy, Curfew, Delinquency are to added as case events in Justware

·         Categories for Vital Records need to be added for record corrections, validations of marriage, death and declarations of death, title, and name change as attributes.

·         Probate; Quiet title, land use, home site lease, grazing-family dispute, material, elder abuse, guardianship, adoption, substance abuse should be added as attributes

·         The staff was shown how to start a case from a phone call  to the office,

October 21, 2010

Configuration Meeting, San Juan College

Prosecutors staff: Gloria Dee, Daryl Junes, Ben Mariano, Frank Burnside, Michelle Burke, Gwendolyn Williams, Shirley Bedonie, Tammy Peshlakai, Rita Burbank, Renae Zonnie, Bryan Quriam, Jed Judd, Elrena Mitchell, Anthony Spencer,  

·         The staff was shown how to do name searches and merge names of defendants; the staff was shown how to change the status of a case. Staff members voiced concerns over multiple charges for defendant; will separate docket numbers be given to each charge?  If not, how will stats be kept? NDT informed us we should use one docket number, but Justware will track all of the attributes of  other charges listed against the same person, by case attributes, events,

·         The staff was given an overview of the Justware screen for the Prosecutors. The staff asked what type of forms Justware has. They were directed to the NNIJISP website, forms on the web site are not finished.

·         Not all of the police officers are listed, they informed that we are missing the Chinle District names; we should have a complete listing of Navajo Nation Criminal Investigators as well.

·         The department has a high turnover rate, who will delete names of individuals who leave the department, they were informed that names could not be deleted, but they could be placed on in-active status.

·         Prosecutors expressed that the statues of the Navajo Nation are lacking sub sections, i.e. subsection of A.B.C. etc. NDT would need a updated statue table for insertion onto Justware. Also they asked that  their motions and pleadings be written on legal pleading paper; but this is a NN issue and not a Justware issue

·         The staff was shown where to get a copulation of case notes in a summary format; the staff was shown how to enter a dependency case; various forms for the prosecutors were shown to the staff, some forms need to be revised and remapped by Justware for the JPO and the Prosecutors. Standardization is a necessitate.

October 20, 2010

Configuration Meeting, San Juan College

Probation and Parole Staff: Bernita Dalton, Arlene Begay, Cindy Yellowhair, Efeleina Yazzie, Ben Mariano, Marcellus Morgan, Rosella Chee, Virginia Vandever, Bettina Norton, Harmon Mason, Linda Lee, Ellery Nez, Andy Harrison, Genevieve Brandy, Charlene Curley, Charlotte Tapaha, Lucy Yesslith, Janice Harvey,  Bryan Quriam, Jed Judd, Elrena Mitchell, Anthony Spencer,  

·         The staff addressed the need to be able to keep track of each and every kind of events, counseling session, classroom education, domestic violence actions, and treatment session for statistical purposes. People walking in for sessions were a big concern; how would we keep track of someone who was not part of the judicial system?

·         Tracking of phone calls was another issue, how will Justware be able to keep track of such events? At this time the staff was shown how to copy a current case from the court and start a new case in the probation screen, the case was given a probation number for reference.  Events were added, classes were entered, and tracking of correspondence was seen.

·         The staff also wanted to have different letters for adult and juvenile; this was addressed and changes were made by NDT staff. Staff members were shown how to produce document form the filing cabinet, another concern was documents that were produced manually, how can they be put into the folders for clients? This was answered by NDT staff; you would need to scan the document, save and pull into the correspondence portion of Justware.

·         The condition of Release form was addressed; there are conditions that missing from the current form, should the conditions be listed as a snap in for the form?  Another forms are being used that  are not in current listings, report / stat forms are needed for reporting purposes, should this form be created? Or is there one available?

·         Can others view the probation cases; can the court have access to the probation screens and make changes? Data and code partitioning was explained to the staff.

·         The staff asked the NNIJISP team to sit down the Judges and a review session with the Judges, to explain the Justware system and its capabilities, so the Judges will have an understanding the components of the Justware system.

·         Probation / Parole and NNIJISP will have a meeting on November 5, 2010; time and place TBA

October 19, 2010

Configuration Meeting, San Juan College

District Court Staff

Attendees;  Marge Craig, Tanya Chiquito, Tabitha Herrera, Louise Weaver, Leslita Slivers, Patricia Joe, Joann  Plummer, Verlena Hale, Kandi Robins, Geraldine Sakiestewa, Everrrick Coggeshall, Vanessa Mescal, Ben Mariano, Benjinita  Bates, Candida Foster, Shirley Ned, Esther Jose, Shirlene Livingston, Dayn Degroat,  Ethel Laughing, Utahna Brown, Bryan Quriam, Jed Judd, Elrena Mitchell, Anthony Spencer,


·         Multiple Charges are a major  concern to the staff, how will we keep track of a person who has multiple charges; as the staff assign different docket numbers to each charge or compliant given the  court. It was suggested that all of the charges fall under one docket and Justware would be able to keep track of charges; or copy each case and start a new case so it may be given a new docket number.

·         Justware needs copies of release agreements, O/R Release, Cash Bond release, Personal Release these document can be given to the BSA.

·         A lengthy discussion took place on Bench Warrants; the status of, purging of, renewing of. How can Bench Warrants be tickled to show when a Bench Warrant can be extended or purged. Can Justware be able to generate a report to give to the police department on a weekly base? It can be done through a canned report in the system.

·         How will be Quashed Bench Warrants be handle? This is a business practice and should be handled in accordance with each agency policies.

·         There needs to be a listing of Navajo Nation criminal investigators for each agency/district.

·         The staff was shown how Justware is applied to the courts, where Judgment and Sentencing are applied, how court documents can be generated from the filing cabinet. Efforts are on going to gather forms, so the system could be more efficient and effective.

October 18, 2010

Family Court Staff Meeting

Attendees: Marge Craig, Tanya Chiquito, Tabitha Herrera, Louise Weaver, Leslita Slivers, Patricia Joe, Joann  Plummer, Verlena Hale, Kandi Robins, Geraldine Sakiestewa, Everrrick Coggeshall, Vanessa Mescal, Ben Mariano, Benjinita  Bates, Candida Foster, Bernice Roe, Juanita Goodluck, Lucia Jensen, Ethel Laughing, Utahna Brown, Bryan Quriam, Jed Judd, Elrena Mitchell, Anthony Spencer,


·         This day was dedicated to the Family Court Staff, several work flows were bought up for the staff to see, as the family courts deal with other issues aside regular civil issues. The Navajo Nation is unique in its approach to family court; therefore, in addition to the work flows, discussion took place concerning Delinquency, Dependency and Abuse and Neglect. Another aspect of the Family Court is Domestic Violence Court.

·         It was found that a Listing of Motions were needed for the Family Court; Motions of the court should be template based;  this will save having to map individual documents; the template will be used in screens for the Family Court as Motions with snap-ins built for the particular  session.

·         A listing of active social services worker is needed for the family courts, as the courts work in a close relation with social workers.

·         The name in attendance was shown how to enter/start a case in Justware, how to copy a case from a case listed in Justware, how to list a case in relation to new case, how to proceed adding events, people , events in the new case.

·         The staff requested that a chapter house be added at the start of a new record, but this could not be built onto the starting screen, but this attribute could be added as information is being added in a name record.

·         It was expressed that we need to get away from “other”. As Justware can be able to keep track of all entries made onto the system, however, it cannot break down items listed as other.

·         A Listing of fines and fees are needed from the District, Civil and a Peacemakers courts; we also need a copy of a Bench Warrant that has Cash Bond releases on the document.

October 13, 2010

Status Meeting

Attendees: Bryan Quriam, Elrena Mitchell, Anthony Spencer, Alex Largie, Benneke Gorman, Nelson Billy

·         Peacemaker document, Two document made for peacemaker, we would like to documents for the different departments coming to the configuration meeting;

·         Original schedule  to be followed; the Probation Officers will be in attendance on Wednesday October 21, 2010

·         The meetings will be in a classroom setting and it should be  a working group

·         Copies of work flows need for the peacemakers

·         Court forms that have been reviewed have been  entered on the FTP server of Justware; this is the 1st iteration forms, Prosecutors forms,  JPO forms, some Public Defender forms,

·         The BI hours that have worked thus far by NDT; has been  received by Anthony

·         Project management  meeting / concerning documents; this will be done at the configuration meeting during lunch or after the meeting to prioritize documents, review the BI hours that  have been incurred;  how are we going to use the remaining hours left? How will we train admin users to produce document for usage?  A discussion is needed for the CODY interface, how to transfers data?

·         We need to pick a day to work, to go over documents; we can get together at the meeting to come up with a date.

·         Code tables, entered for the peacemakers, some of the codes will be entered on site, as we need to know when, where the codes will be used.

·         Docket numbers need to reflect the proper departments; this will be address with the departments.

·         Time tracking for peacemakers; tracking of; event duration, correspondence duration,

·         Prosecutors, create a court case, docket

·         Navajo Nation Intergraded Justice Information Sharing Project:

·         Configuration Meeting, San Juan College

October 1, 2010 Start Time; 11:33 am

Status Call

Attendees: Bryan Quiram, Elrena Mitchell, Anthony Spencer, Alex Largie, Nelson Billy

Update of Elrena; done through minutes of NNIJIP 

·         Standardization of Forms, to set priorities

·         First iteration done, second iteration forms to be done, for the next date

·         Trainings for Justware

·         Forms for prosecutors and JPO sent off, drop downs not possible for names, names will be snapped in; only case involved person will come down on forms. JDA could pull names of the listing;

·         Forms for Justware, what percentage of are in Justware hands, about 30%, all JDA docs will be template for usage

·         JDA will insert varied rules to use templates already

·         Forms for the family court need to be collected.

·         Organizational structure  are needed for new project manager

·         What is the status of BI hours?

·         The forms need to be prioritized again. Everyday documents

·         Smaller list of priority forms

·         How many hours do we have, current use is 35% 320 hours, first run of docs, revision of forms, status report of all forms done for Project manager

·         Justware still has formatting issues,

·         All heavily used forms need to given to the project team. Breakdown of BI hours used,

·         Configuration; can we do a live remote; with the chief probation officer, we will do a live work flow; users to decide how justware will be used for their department. The process will be built around the work of the PPO;

·         We need to start on a case and go through documents;  will need to sit down with the chief PPO in terms of doing the PPO, this is an internal issue and needs to be addressed

·         Need to see if Ms. Williams will be sponsoring lodging.

·         Peacemaker codes; work flow for different process, need to meet with probation, case from start to finish.

·         Need to start a case and built around the different sessions;

·         Next week’s meeting will be on a regular meeting;

·         1220

Sept 28, 2010, 10 am

Project Status-Navajo Nation Shiprock Installation, Project Update from New Dawn, Bryan Quiram


Project Accomplishments

                Justware 5.4, which is the latest release of the New Dawn Technologies software, has been installed on Navajo Nation servers and is fully functional.  Navajo Nation has several certified Justware administrators who can at this point add code values unique to Navajo Nation to the underlying Justware tables, and who have full access to the software in order to configure Justware to the specific business needs of each working group of the Navajo Nation that will use the software.

                Navajo Nation data from the legacy has been converted twice, with a data review by Navajo Nation occurring after both conversions.  At this point the staff at Navajo Nation has indicated that the data has been accurately converted into Justware.  A final conversion will be performed just prior to the go-live date, in order to allow the users of the system time to view the converted data and offer their input as to the accuracy as well as the location of the data within Justware fields.

                A substantial number of first-draft documents are loaded into Justware and are available to Navajo Nation to generate for training purposes and review for further changes.  Anthony Spencer is collecting documents as they are reviewed by the working groups within Navajo Nation, and will send those documents to Justware for second draft work by Justware staff.

                One week of configuration training has been held with Navajo Nation working groups, and a second week of configuration training is currently scheduled for the week of October 18, 2010.  New Dawn Technologies has recommended changes to the format of the configuration training that will involve smaller, more focused working groups of the actual data entry staff from each Navajo Nation working group.  The methodology used for the configuration week is to have the data entry staff from a specific user group describe each step of their work routine, and have the Justware trainers emulate that workflow in Justware while the users observe.  Users can then see the steps needed to accomplish their business needs and work with the New Dawn staff to create a workflow that will be used at the go-live to accomplish the business needs of the working group.  Each separate type of case and specific data entry will be covered by Navajo Nation staff, so that there is a Justware workflow for each business practice of each unit that will utilize Justware.  After the last configuration training, Justware staff provided a methodology as well as an example of the level of detail that will be needed for future configuration meetings.  Anthony Spencer has been meeting with specific working groups at Navajo Nation to create workflow documentation of each piece of data and each business practice that Navajo Nation needs in order to accomplish their daily work.  Once a detailed preliminary workflow has been created and documented, that workflow will be tested and further refined at the next configuration meeting, with New Dawn staff offering advice, suggestions, and alternatives if needed to create the most efficient workflows that will accomplish the business needs of each unit.  Codes will be added as needed during the configuration meetings with the users.  In this way, Navajo Nation users, the Navajo Nation Justware administrators, and New Dawn staff will jointly create a workflow that meets the needs of the Navajo Nation Shiprock Judicial District court, prosecutor, defender, peacemaker and probation staff.  This process ensures that Navajo Nation staff needs are met and that users of the system have substantial input into the workflow they will ultimately use to accomplish their daily tasks.

                Pursuant to the initial meetings and according to the contract, several different custom views of Justware data entry screens were created by New Dawn staff and were demonstrated to users during the configuration week.  A polling of users was taken during the week regarding those views, and it was discovered that the standard Justware views were preferred to the views created according to the original Navajo Nation specifications.  At this point, views for each working group exist in Justware that are based on standard Justware “Tabbed” view, which was the preferred user view during the configuration.

                Reports needed by Navajo Nation are not yet in development, since the workflows need to be settled before reports can be created.  Reports are based on the pieces of data which are entered by the users as part of their workflow, so the workflows must be settled and the pieces of data set within the system before a report can be developed.  At the conclusion of the configuration meetings, our goal is to have all data entry settled as part of a specific unit workflow, which will then allow reports to be created.

Current Project stage

                The implementation of Justware is for the Navajo Nation is in the configuration phase.  In this stage of the process, Justware users are meeting with the Navajo Nation administrator, Anthony Spencer.  During these meetings, each business practice of the court staff, probation staff, prosecutor staff, defender staff, and peacemaker staff is discussed with Anthony, who can then evaluate how to accomplish the same tasks in Justware.   This process is called “workflow” definition, and should result in a document that sets forth each work process of each working unit, and a proposed Justware workflow to accomplish the task.  For instance, when a person requests assistance from the probation department without a court referral, how will the probation officer create a new case in Justware, assign the case a case type that reflects the type of service provided, enter events and notes that document the services provided, and ultimately close the case?  The probation officer will work with Anthony, using the existing installation of Justware, to determine what pieces of data should be entered at each stage of that workflow.  If specific codes are needed in Justware to replicate the existing work process, those codes would be created in the Justware code tables by Anthony, and the process, once completed, entered into a document as a step by step process.  New Dawn staff will use that proposed workflow during the configuration meeting to refine it, offer suggestions and alternatives to maximize efficiency, and enter any codes needed to finalize the workflow for testing by Navajo Nation users.

                There has been one onsite configuration meeting where New Dawn staff worked through some of the business practices of the court, probation, prosecutor and defender staff members.  Codes were added to the Justware database at that time, and a second configuration meeting is scheduled for the week of October 18, 2010.

Sept 28, 2010, 10 am

Technology Oversight Committee Meeting, DIT Conference Room Actual start time: 10:36 am

Chief Justice Yazzie- Supreme Court,
Josephine Foo- Supreme Court,
NNIJISP, Kathleen Bowman- Public Defender Office,
Orlando Bowman- Records Management Section,
Elrena Mitchell - DIT,
Benneke Gorman-DIT,
Gwendolyn Williams-Prosecutors Office,
Ben Mariano-Judicial IT,
Frank Burnside-Prosecutors IT,
Anthony Spencer-NNIJISP

A regular meeting of the TOC was held at the Department of Technology building in Window Rock.  The below minutes have been approved by Elrena Mitchell, NNIJISP Project Manager.


NNDIT IT summit, November 15-18 2010 Santa Fe, NM

The IT Summit web Site is up, at  Justware will be part of the summit; ask NDT the status of sponsorship. NDT has already confirmed they will be part of the summit. NNIJISP will be represented at the Summit by Foo and NNDIT and will speak on the history of NNIJISP start up, funding, and the cabling enhancements. 


Ben Mariano, Kathleen Bowman, Josephine Foo, Orlando Bowman, Elrena Mitchell, Benneke Gorman, Anthony Spencer, Chief Justice Yazzie, Frank Burnside and Gwendolyn Williams

Quorum of five present to start meeting; 7 TOC members ultimately present in course of meeting.

Invocation: Anthony Spencer

Guests: None present at the start of meeting; Paul Spruhan show later


1.       Anthony presented the activities summary over a six month period (see website) followed by questions on what the TOC should do to assist the project in future (see Q&A below).

2.       Benneke updated on the servers and cabling enhancements.

·         Servers:  three servers have been installed; working in Tatum with SQL, Data Base, Reporting Server , Web Server, data interface; SAND to store data goes onto the sand box; this includes a back up unit to store the SAND box. The fourth is a VM ware/ creates a virtual environment; this will create virtual servers for the districts. The servers are from ARDUM, and this is the latest in modern technology.

·         Cabling:  As Tuba City and Crownpoint will be constructed  and Chinle is scheduled to be  renovated, Window Rock will the next site to be enhanced as well as Alamo, Dilkon, Aneth, Tohaajiiee, and Ramah.  NNDIT is awaiting the arrival of ordered cabling material.  It was brought up that plans to cable the Window Rock District Court may need to be put on hold; due to building issues, is it feasible to cable the current building? However, since there is no firm date to build, the TOC decided to proceed with the WR court cabling enhancement.

·         Asbestos is an ongoing issue and the NNDIT installation crew is fully prepared with protective gear and training. 

3.       Orlando gave a brief report on CODY, more effort needs to be put into the interface, Officer Lee focused on trainings, SEARCH will be in Window Rock during the third week of October, Mike Lee continues to press for CODY training funds.


·         Assistance for Anthony.  Anthony stated he was focused on entering codes which is a tedious and time consuming task and is not focused on the rollout phase.  Anthony has not yet introduced himself nor met with NNDLE staff using CODY in the building across from the Court as he believes this can wait until the pilot project is finished.  It was discussed that the rollout needs to be prepared for now.  Anthony stated that no Shiprock core group meeting has been convened since May.  Foo has been on other projects off and on since April and no TOC meeting has been convened since then.  Elrena believes Anthony is somewhat overwhelmed and NNDIT can assist him.

·         Standardization of forms has not commenced in spite of Court Administrators complaints as, again, Anthony’s focus has been on the pilot.  He is aware of complaints from the Court Administrators and feels that Chief Justice should give a directive rather than any instruction to the CAs coming directly from Anthony.  Anthony suggested that a directive from the chief Justice is needed to have other people included in the inception of justware. This was in regards to the cooperation of other agency staff.  However, the CAs already know of the standardization need, and a directive from Chief Justice will not be operative in non-judicial NNIJISP components.  Anthony is in the Business Systems Administrator position and needs to lead in this area.  The NNIJISP project management staff are already invested with authority, and the NNIJISP component agencies expect leadership, guidance, assurances, updates, assistance and information from NNIJISP staff. To address the issue raised by Anthony of difficulties obtaining the assistance of court administrators, Chief Justice suggested a presentation to the Court Administrators and also judges, involving Ed, Ben, and Anthony.

·         Priorities Chief Justice emphasized the need for timely completion and the need to create a separate NNIJISP program which was decided by the TOC many months ago.  Foo informed the TOC that there is no firm timeline, and the rollout contract, although a firm offer, has not yet been reduced to contract.  Elrena stated that standardization must commence and timelines must be set.   Standardization has already begun to be addressed by the Prosecutors and should have already commenced among the courts.  Foo stated that most business intelligence hours have been purchased for the pilot with the expectation that issues will be addressed and swiftly finalized now or soon after completion of the pilot to minimize all complications in the rollout phase, projected to be short and covering all remaining districts.  Elrena gave a brief summary of solutions to address the Justware/CODY and standardization of forms issues as presented at this meeting.

1.       DIT will work with the vendors and go to the source and programmers of the respective vendors to get a closer working relationship.

2.       Standardization of forms, this is a “need to” as we start the “Go Live”

3.        There must be stringent timelines.

·         Outmoded computers  Prosecutors and Public Defenders presently cannot be loaded with Justware programs due to outmoded computers.  Prosecutors are purchasing new computers via grants and Gwen stated that the same grant source may also be used to purchase computers for Public Defenders. 

·         Scanners have been bought for the staff, but staff using the scanners are temporary.

·         Website updates  Anthony must ensure that forms and codes and activities are regularly sent to Josey for website upload.  All forms from all agencies need to be sent to her in 97/03 format, otherwise they are not accessible by users.  The reason for the upload is access to court administrators, prosecutors and public defenders for purposes of review and standardization.

·         Go Live It was emphasized that “Go Live” must be secure, complete and accurate as to all data, and connectively stable.

NNIJISP Plan of Operations

Paul Spruhan from DOJ led the discussion on the projected NNIJISP Plan of Operations which touched on the below points.

1.       Role of TOC  TOC is presently the oversight authority for budget, protocol and goal setting, and employee hire and supervision, and wishes to continue playing an oversight role in the new NNIJISP program, no matter where it is situated. Chief Justice explained that Judicial presently administers funds and is the location for NNIJISP grant-funded staff by default because NNIJISP lacks a plan of operations.  The present role of TOC is confusing to NNIJISP staff like Anthony, who is presently answerable to the TOC yet placed under the Supreme Court for administrative purposes.  Chief Justice does not want to be the supervisor nor oversee NNIJISP technical people.  In addition, the establishment of an entity is necessary in terms of budgetary planning, as monies given to NNIJISP and administered by the Judicial branch may be mistakenly confused with being part of the Judicial Branch budget.

2.       Separate NNIJISP Program    It was at first suggested that the program be placed under DOJ or DIT, both options were rejected.  Elrena suggested placing the program directly under the President using a similar office at AZ as a template.  The TOC recommended that Paul proceed to plan accordingly and the TOC will look at that plan.  Elrena will assist Paul.

3.       Budget Management Authority  The new program must be able to administer its own budget.  The budget will be centralized for all agencies CODY/Justware trainings so that funds need not be carved out of individual operations. 

4.       NNIJISP Staff  While NNIJISP staff will be placed directly under the new program in future, there will be involvement of all IT and training staff presently situated with different agencies who will continue to be attached to those agencies.  NNIJISP staff are presently chosen and evaluated by the TOC and the TOC hopes to continue such a role in the new program.

Proposal for New Project Management

Foo’s  withdrawal  as Project Manager was discussed.   She proposed that Elrena replace her, assisted by the revived project management team.  Elrena has the necessary planning background and will have the personnel resources of NNDIT to back her up as well as the revived NNIJISP team.  She would formally replace Foo as Anthony’s supervisor.  Foo has not been supervising Anthony since July 4 due to frequent absences from the project due to other duties.  As Elrena would now be Anthony’s supervisor, it was discussed that his position should be moved to DIT.  Josey will address the details of the move from Judicial to Executive with the grantor and OMB.  TOC would maintain final evaluation oversight, regardless of where NNIJISP staff positions are situated.  Foo will continue overseeing the grants  and Judicial will consider administering NNIJISP funds.  Elrena’s involvement would be a giant step towards greater involvement of other NNIJISP agencies to share judicial’s NNIJISP administrative responsibilities pending the establishment of the new NNIJISP program.

TOC Vote

 The TOC voted unanimously 6-0 to permit Foo to withdraw, Elrena to replace her, the project team to be revived, and Anthony’s position to be moved to NNDIT with Foo to handle the logistics of the move with the grantor and any SAS review process.

Kathy Bowman waived her vote as she had to leave.

Sept 22, 2010

Telephonic Status Meeting.

Attendees, Bryan Quiram, Utahna Brown, Janice Harvey, Anthony Spencer

This meeting was held via “Go to Meeting” with Bryan, the meeting was held as a follow up to the meeting with the PPO’s. Questions were asked and answered via on line interaction of the participants.

o   How will the PPO’s have separate docket numbers for cases? It was found that separate case events would have entered onto system administrator, this in turn will keep stats for events such as; classes, CSW, Background checks, etc.

o   Docket Numbers will be generated for each event in Justware

o   Cases closed with the court; will be copied and stated as a probation case

o   The PPO’s  wanted the docket numbers to reflect adult and juvenile codes, this has been noted and changes will be made accordingly

o   An issue of how “assistance” can be tracked? A event of walk-ins/probation was created for the department, this way it could be tracked under walk ins. The same was done for “classes” also.

Sept 21, 2010

Telephonic Status Meeting.

Attendees, Jed Judd, Bryan Quiram, Anthony Spencer

This meeting concerned the second configuration meeting; the court had the date of October 25-29, 2010 has the dates for the configuration, Jed and Bryan called with a different date of October 18-22, 2010. I explained that dates have been set and calendars cleared for the week of the 25th. Emails had been sent back and forth indicating that October 18th to 25th was the week set aside for the meeting. Invited Ethel to the meeting; she indicated that she would start working on clearing the dates for the 18th to 22th. It was asked to give us a separate screen for peacemaking; it will be done according to Bryan.

Sept 15, 2010

Status Meeting postponed due to Bryan Quiram is on site with another customer.

Sept 15, 2010

Probation &Parole Meeting; Shiprock Family Court Room


Lucinda Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer,
Janice Harvey,
Lucy Yesslith,
Gibson McDonald,
Utahna Brown,
Anthony Spencer

Prior to the meeting, a case was made in the NNIJISP/INSTANCE for the Probation / Parole Department, the case was presented the CPO and staff using the codes provided to the staff. They were shown case types, case events, and snap-ins made for the department.

  • The chief PPO stated she had already seen this screen before at the configuration meeting; she wanted to see reports and to be able to see how reports were generated;  an explanation was given to her we need the types of reports they need, we need the rest of the codes to be imputed into Justware.

  • PPO’s should be able to run individual reports on their case loads with the touch of a button; but right now, Justware is providing for the PPO as promised.

  • The PPO stat sheet was not on the web page: Utahna was given a copy of one.

Sept 2, 2010

NNIJISP/ INSTANCE meeting; Shiprock District Court

Attendees:  Ethel Laughing, Candida Foster, Lucia Jensen, Juanita Goodluck, Angela Nevayaktewa

Training was held at the family court room, updates were given to the staff in regards to a new screen called NNIJISP/INSTANCE, this is a live version of the server, but it has only a varied amount of information on it. Permission was given to Anthony to start entering codes onto the sever, staff in attendance did come up with needed codes and were  inserted onto the server, there were codes that had been duplicated with varied codes, these  codes were merged, and entries were made according to recommendations by staff in attendance.
August, ongoing

Reviews and comments  for all of the forms to be located in the Justware server previously sent to Justware and returned for first iteration review and correction are being reviewed by the proper departments, tasked to Anthony Spencer.

Aug 31, 2010


Attendees; Lucinda Yellowhair- chief probation officer, Janice Harvey, Lucy Yesslith, Gibson McDonald, Loretta Watchman, Judge Benally, Ethel Laughing, Court Administrator, Anthony Spencer

A meeting took place with the Shiprock Court Administrator, Chief Probation Office and the Shiprock Probation / Parole staff and Anthony Spencer. The staff wanted to see if the codes they had provided had been uploaded onto Justware, The NNIJISP/INSTANCE was used to show the attendees what codes are in the server for probation. The Chief Probation Officer was provided screen shots from Justware for review with other districts. The chief PPO will provide the IT BSA with modified versions of codes for their section and insertion on the server.

The chief PPO was informed again that Ms. Utahna Brown will be working with the probation department and is in the process of obtaining codes needed for the server. This work remains in progress.

Training for Justware end users has been set tentative for September 23, 2010; the training will be provided by Anthony Spencer and Mr. Nelson Billy, DIT Programmer at the Shiprock District Court.
Aug 30, 2010

Roberta Sam, Judicial Financial Specialist reported purchase of Video Conferencing Equipment, in addition Cabling supplies, and software licenses for several Judicial Districts, the equipment will be used for Tele-Conferencing, which will save on cost of travel and lodging and wear and tear of personal and vehicles.  right now, the target districts are the most far-flung -- Aneth, Alamo/Tohajiilee, Ramah, and Dilkon.  NNDIT is to perform assessments on the detention facilities next.  Shortly, the equipment will also be used to do Arraignments of inmates and Juveniles at these facilities.

Other equipment purchased with the help of NNIJISP were for CODY 20 HP pro-book laptops (Mobile Lab Units) along with training software for the units, Navajo Nation Department of Information technology received monies for registration fees for  Vmware for 4 staff.
Aug 30, 2010

Status meeting 2nd iteration data conversion --Bryan Quiram, Ben Mariano, Anthony Spencer

This second iteration meeting for data conversion had been scheduled for today with Ben Mariano, Bryan Quiram, and Anthony Spencer. The meeting started and connectivity was lost and despite several attempts made to reconnect, meting did not proceed.

 Aug 26-27, 2010

Eeye Training Anti Virus Training, Department of Information & Technology, Window Rock, AZ

Attendees;: Alex Cruz. Alex Largie, Benneke Gorman, Emory Wauneka, Elton Dalgai, Andrew Benallie, Farley Begay, Larry Hoskie, Anthony Spencer

The trainer was Mr. Alex Cruz. The anti- virus has been installed on a majority of computers throughout the Judicial Branch. Vicious attacks are constantly been made on computers and that this system will defend against the viruses found, quarantine some and disable some of the attacks.

Trainees learned about “patches”, (application of the latest antivirus) attacks can indicate that your system did come susceptible and can be contained by being quarantined. “Zero Day Protection” This layer is in many cases the last line of defense and is designed to catch exploits using zero-day attacks, This events occurs when a virus is detected which may be able do costly damage to your system, this triggers an alert to contain the virus, destroy it, and/or send information back to corporate headquarters listing the threat; so that the IT team may address the virus and sent a remedy.

 Aug 25, 2010

STATUS MEETING (phone) -- JJudd, BQuiram, JFoo, BMariano.

Action Items

  1. Bryan – send a document Josey can send to Utana

  2. Bryan & Ben – data conversion review Monday 8/30

  3. Bryan – load officers into App Person

  4. Bryan – upgrade JW to 5.4

  5. Bryan – move Data Conversion

  6. Ben – Help Anthony with User Trainings

·         Ethel is working with Utana to work through probation event workflow

·         Bryan to send a document to Josey on workflow that she can send to Utana

·         2nd configuration will be to cover the basic flow – 3rd configuration will be more business rules

·         Family forms are only forms missing

·         Vote of everyone to determine whether we get the rest of the rollout

·         Users was expecting a lot more

o   Not used to the type of processes JW uses

o   More used to an automatic flow

o   NDT needs NN to help communicate proper message of configuration to their people

o   Clerks expressed there are too many things

·         Ben to help Anthony with User Trainings

o   Finished up one project

o   Traveling with Document Imaging

o   Will be able to help Anthony

·         Data conversion Review – Aug 30 @ 11:00

o   Bryan sent out meeting invites

o   Discussed option of having 3rd data conversion iteration in Oct or Nov

§  Need to have users look over data and have time to review

·         Enter codes into Skeleton, NNIJISP, Training database

o   Bring data together

o   Upgrade JustWare to 5.4 after next data conversion

·         Officer list (App Person)

o   Import next Thursday

o   Import to NNIJSIP

§  Overwrite TrainingDB

§  Ben to help communicate implications of overwriting TrainingDB with NN users – help control message

§  Bryan to capture App Person(s) from TrainingDB BEFORE overwriting (SCMT them out)

 Aug 20, 2010


Attendees:  members of the Prosecutors Staff Navajo Nation Wide

The webinar for the Prosecutors office at a staff meeting at the Days Inn in Window Rock, AZ was to have been remotely presented by BQuiram, New Dawn Project Implementer,  to update the prosecutors and staff on the progress made on the prosecutor’s portion of Justware; but due to connectivity issues; the presentation was short. 

 Aug 18, 2010

STATUS MEETING (phone) -- JJudd, BQuiram, ASpencer, BMariano.

Action Items

  1. NDT

  2. Bryan to call Anthony and review JDA docs

  3. Anthony to complete JDA doc review

  4. Anthony to communicate/involve other districts

  5. Bryan to upgrade JW to 5.4 after Mondays data iteration review

 Meeting notes:

·         Set Data Conversion Iteration Review Date – next week 23-25th – 23rd @ 2:00 PM

o   Bryan to call Ben (928-797-1860) and Anthony (505-368-1470) on the 23rd @ 2:00 – planning on 30 min, go through a few from different case types. Case types look like they’ve come through conversion well. Dispos are being converted correctly. Older data may have different dispos, but they got standardized later.

·         Document Review Progress

o   Iteration forms are not showing up. JDA format/database – forms are there under “other” – forms may not be mapped – documents/bench warrant, prosecutor forms, complaint to walk in info sheet are not showing up

o   Check code partitioning to see if rules are applied to control the types of documents that show up on snappins

o   Making progress

§  Need to review Pros and Prob

§  reviewed docs with court clerks,

§  Anthony working on work flow for Court Clerks

§  Found some workflow integrate/overlap with others

§  Anthony plans to have most (All) documents completed by end of the week

·         Bryan will call Anthony after status call to review

·         Document Naming Convention

o   How will it make sense for people to generate documents – want to make document naming convention match the most efficient method for users, easy to select/find in the dropdown

§  Code Partition – based case type – to limit amount of documents in dropdown

§  Group by FC, CV, CR, etc – use as a prefix on document names to make it easier for users to find

o   What different classifications should we have?

§  Please review and update as necessary

·         FC (chins, etc)

·         CV –district court civil, traffic

·         CR - criminal

·         AFC – family civil

·         TRCV – traffic civil

·         TRCR – traffic criminal

·         PPS – probation

§  Anthony to ask district input on codes __Date??

·         13 different districts, need to get other district’s input to keep everyone united and move in direction of standardization

§  Use Logged in Users Agency for document partitioning

·         Discussion on Copy Case and Data Partitioning

o   New Dawn is developing and defining the remaining enhancement required by NN

o   The other 2 enhancements have been completed and released with JW 5.4 (when JW is upgraded, these features will be reviewed with NN and will be used in future configuration)

o   Write down what data should be limited and shared

·         Oct 18th for next config

o   Anthony will double check with Josey

o   Everyone was pretty sure this is the correct date

·         Next Onsite Config Meeting

o   Would like to bring more focus to the working groups. Ie: delinquency, prosecutors, etc, grouped together

o   Have larger groups for end of the day review

o   Maybe have next config session onsite at a different location

o   Ben said other Districts are voicing interest in getting involved

§  THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED BY NN – this is not a JW issue

§  Solution: Making sure other districts get an invite to Config and get included in information coming out

·         Discussion on Userbase prompts

o   JW is arranged to view the data that needs to be entered, not system that prompts to move on to the next data entry

o   JW architecture is different

o   Business Rules can be used to validate information – but that is done at the end of the project, it is not something to configure in these early stages

 ·         JW Upgrade to 5.4

o   Upgrade after Monday’s Iteration 2 Review


 Aug 17, 2010

Attendees- Judge Benally, Judge Woody, Anthony Spencer; Support staff: Candida Foster, Lucia Barton, Juanita Goodluck, and Bernice Roe

Anthony, udges, District and Family Court; Clerks met to discuss Work flow process for family court ; a need was found to develop work flow process for the following:

·         Petition to establish paternity, child custody, child support and visitation

·         Termination of parental rights

·         Recognition of Foreign Judgment

·          Probate and Quiet Title

·         Dissolution of Marriage

·         Petition for Guardianship of an adult

·         Correction of Record(s) for an adult

·         Correction of Record(s) for children

·         Validation of Marriage

·         Petition for Adoption / Guardianship of a child

These forms were reviewed and copies sent to Justware, Comments were added and sent back to the courts; comments include the where, why, who, how still need to be addressed and are currently being addressed. A work flow process from Justware was also received; this work flow should be used as template for entry into the Justware screens.

 Aug 16, 2010 The new NNIJISP intern, Utahna Brown was introduced to the staff at The Shiprock Courts, Ms. Brown is an intern with the U.S. Department of Justice attending San Juan College,  and will be assisting NNIJISP through December, 2010.  She will have 19 hours to give to the program per week.  She will also be learning about our ICWA system and will be addressing the Children's Code; currently she is helping the Shiprock Probation staff in obtaining work codes for the probation department, these codes will be used in the upcoming Justware screens.
 Aug 11, 2010

STATUS MEETING (phone) -- JJudd, BQuiram, JFoo.

·        NN has new intern that will be helping to meet needs of JustWare project.

·         Josey observed that JustWare is more of a data storage and management software– can put as many files as you want, then keep things organized. It doesn't go from screen to screen like Userbase, nor does it seem like it has the same capabilitya s UserBase to prompt and guide data entry.  Jed and Bryan agreed.  Current data entry users do rely on prompts and guides, and this might be an issue in the 2nd config, so Jed and Bryan will look into designing business rules that will serve as guides or prompts in some fashion.  Once users do their own work, we may see where users get confused.

·         Prosecutors have no problem with this software. Cindy the CPO used to be a Court Administrator and has a sense of court clerk needs, so because she is both CPO and former CA, her input is very important.  She is very disgruntled at this time due to the lack of probation customization in the Justware presented last week . Peacemaking is not that interested in a sophisticated solution, just please provide a simple solution encompassing direct, indirect and overhead– can do Peacemaking last. They are the most technology challenged of any group. Should be a very simple solution.

·         Next round: looking for prompts, and system that guides you. (Should use reports to show progress/guides)

·         Josey asked we cut this short as other members important to the call such as Ben and the new intern were not available now.  Josey suggested that we resume the call later this week, but Jed and Bryan stated there was no need as issues were covered entirely.

·          Josey to confirm with Ethel for the next onsite date (week of Oct 18th)

·         Manage Data input in a prompt-like manner

·         Next status call Tuesday 8/18/10

Data conversion from Shiprock UserBase system to JustWare continues to go well. The first iteration is complete and has been reviewed by Ben Mariano and New Dawn Tech. A few small issues were identified and corrected as we move forward to the second iteration. T

he second iteration is scheduled to be delivered by 8/18/10.

 Aug 6, 2010


NNIJISP Project Manager, Judicial Fiscal Director and Orlando Bowman representing the TOC presented on justifications for NNIJISP fixed costs into FY2011 and beyond, including informing the Comittee that the NNDOJ is presenting drafting  plan of operations that will separate NNIJISP from the Judicial Branch as soon as possible.

Aug 2 - Aug 6, 2010 -- 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

LUNCH Noon - 1 pm all days


Shiprock Configuration Meetings, Shiprock District Court House

List of Attendees:

MONDAY, August 2, 2010 – Prosecutors’ Config Session (All Day) -- Attorney and Legal Assistant start screen, name and case entry view, new case entry, assigning attorney, adding witnesses, adding events, plea agreements, diversion to alternative programs, trial involvements, subpoena generation, pleading generation, identify business rule needs.  Revise and finalize initial screen specs, work flows, code tables, user profiles, application options.


Bryan Quiram - PRESENTER


Gloria Dees--SR Prosecutor's Office Tech

Daryl Junes--SR Prosecutor

Kathy Bowman--Exec. Director, Public Defender

Barbara Bruce-Peterson--SR Prosecutor Office Tech

Gwen Williams--Chief Prosecutor's Office, Program Specialist

Frank Burnside--White Collar Crime Unit

Mike Lee--NN CODY

Josephine Foo--NOTE TAKER

Anthony Spencer--NNIJISP

Cindy Yellowhair--C hief Probation Officer

Nelson Billy--NNDIT

Ben Gorman--NNDIT

Aex Largie--NNDIT


TUESDAY, August 3, 2010 -- Probation and Peacemaking Config Sessions

All Day

Probation Services Config Session (Morning) -- Case manager and Assistant start screen, name and case entry view, new case entry, assigning officer, adding events, case notes, document generation, scheduling, identify business rule needs. Revise and finalize initial screen specs, work flows, code tables, user profiles, application options. 


Bryan Quiram - PRESENTER


Ethel Laughing, SR Court Administrator

Loretta Watchman, SR PPS Office Technician

Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer

Lucy Yesslith, PPS Officer

Gibson McDonald, SR PPS Officer

Janice Harvey, SR PPS Officer

Bertha Norton, Aneth PPS Officer

Lucinda Cling, DL PPS Officer

Arlene Begay, DL PPS Officer

Marie Denetdeal, DL Peacemaker

Bernita Dalton, CH PPS Officer

Bertha Paul-Wheeler, CH Office Tech

Josephine Foo – NOTE TAKER

Ben Mariano, Judicial IT

Anthony Spencer

Ben Gorman, NNDIT

Nelson Billy, NNDIT

Aex Largie, NNDIT

Mike Lee, NN CODY


Peacemaking Config Session (Afternoon) -- Peacemaker start screen, name and case entry view, new case entry, assigning peacemaker, adding events, case notes, document generation, scheduling, identify business rule needs Revise and finalize initial screen specs, work flows, code tables, user profiles, application options.


Bryan Quiram - PRESENTER


Ethel Laughing, SR Court Administrator

Marie Denetdeal, DL Peacemaker

Gloria Benay, Peacemaker Coordinator

J C McCray, Dine Researcher

Ann Johnson, SR Peacemaking Office Tech

Raymond Deal, SR Peacemaking Liaison

Stanley Nez, Aneth Peacemaking Liaison

Josephine Foo – NOTE TAKER

Ben Mariano, Judicial IT

Anthony Spencer

Ben Gorman, NNDIT

Nelson Billy, NNDIT

Aex Largie, NNDIT

Mike Lee, NN CODY


August 4 – August 6, 2010 --


Courts -- CRIMINAL -- Start screen, name and case entry view, docketing criminal complaints, docketing criminal traffic cases, arraignment setting, issuance of criminal summons, bond entry. Arraignment prep, arraignment-plea entry, PTC setting, PTC plea/trial scheduling. Case resolution-diversion to alternate programs, sentencing date, sentencing entries, case closure. Bench warrants-issuance, quash. Financial payments-creating obligation, payments, overpayments. Identify business rule needs. 


CIVIL/FAMILY -- Start screen, name and case entry view. Docketing petitions, events, affidavit service, default, counter-petitions, pre-trial conferences, discovery, motions hearings, final hearings, unique situations, payments.  Revise and finalize initial screen specs, work flows, code tables, user profiles, application options.




Bryan Quiram - PRESENTER


Judge Geraldine Benally, SR Court

Ethel Laughing, SR Court Administrator

Vanessa Mescal, CH Court Administrator

Susie Martin, AN Court Administrator

Barbara Willeto, WR Court Administrator

Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer

Angela Nevayaktewa, clerk (Family)

Candida Foster, clerk (Family)

Juanita Goodluck, clerk (Family DV)

Cornelia Jones , clerk (District, civil traffic)

Marlene Johnson, clerk (District, criminal traffic)

Shirley Ned, clerk (District, small claims)

Daisy Paul, clerk (District, criminal)

Caroline Barber, clerk (District and Family, accounting)

Lucia Barton-Jensen, clerk (District and Family, archiving)

Everrick Coggeshall, clerk (District/Family, Chinle Court)

Daryl Junes, SR Prosecutor

Gloria Dees, SR Prosecutor Office Technician

Barbara Bruce-Peterson, SR Prosecutor Office Technician

Josephine Foo – NOTE TAKER

Anthony Spencer

Alex Largie, NNDIT

Ben Gorman, NNDIT

Nelson Billy, NNDIT

Aex Largie, NNDIT

Mike Lee, NN CODY




Bryan Quiram - PRESENTER


Judge Geraldine Benally, SR Court

Ethel Laughing, SR Court Administrator

Vanessa Mescal, CH Court Administrator

Susie Martin, AN Court Administrator

Barbara Willeto, WR Court Administrator

Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer

Angela Nevayaktewa, clerk (Family)

Candida Foster, clerk (Family)

Bernice Roe, clerk (District)

Juanita Goodluck, clerk (Family DV)

Cornelia Jones , clerk (District, civil traffic)

Marlene Johnson, clerk (District, criminal traffic)

Shirley Ned, clerk (District, small claims)

Daisy Paul, clerk (District, criminal)

Caroline Barber, clerk (District and Family, accounting)

Lucia Barton-Jensen, clerk (District and Family, archiving)

Everrick Coggeshall, clerk (District/Family, Chinle Court)

Lavonne Tsosie, Legislative Services

Josephine Foo – NOTE TAKER

Anthony Spencer

Alex Largie, NNDIT

Ben Gorman, NNDIT

Nelson Billy, NNDIT

Aex Largie, NNDIT

Mike Lee, NN CODY




Bryan Quiram - PRESENTER


Judge Geraldine Benally, SR Court

Ethel Laughing, SR Court Administrator

Vanessa Mescal, CH Court Administrator

Susie Martin, AN Court Administrator

Barbara Willeto, WR Court Administrator

Angela Nevayaktewa, clerk (Family)

Candida Foster, clerk (Family)

Juanita Goodluck, clerk (Family DV)

Cornelia Jones , clerk (District, civil traffic)

Bernice Roe, clerk (District)

Caroline Barber, clerk (District and Family, accounting)

Lucia Barton-Jensen, clerk (District and Family, archiving)

Everrick Coggeshall, clerk (District/Family, Chinle Court)

Josephine Foo – NOTE TAKER

Anthony Spencer

Alex Largie, NNDIT

Ben Gorman, NNDIT

Nelson Billy, NNDIT

Aex Largie, NNDIT

Mike Lee, NN CODY





July 26 - Aug 6, 2010

DATA CONVERSION, First Iteration

Data Conversion is scheduled from July 26 – Aug 6 and will proceed through up to 3 iterations. Navajo Nation has provided data and mapping document to New Dawn. Review of the data conversion progress may take place while New Dawn is onsite for configuration.

Wed., July 28, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Teleconference NDT-NNIJISP Status

Bryan Quiram, NDT Project Implementer
Jed Judd, NDT Project Manager
Josephine Foo, Project Manager, NNIJISP
Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP

Meeting notes

  • Projector, 5 computers, & wireless routers

  • Benneke and crew will be onsite to help set up laptops

  • NDT can use Anthony’s laptop for 1st day

  • Anthony to send out email TODAY to remind participants to attend configuration

  • Anthony to finalize remaining workflows

  • Anthony to print out workflows for users

  • Anthony to check on recording device and find someone to take notes

  • Jed and Bryan to collaborate on screens

  • NDT will meet with Anthony by at least 8:00 Monday morning.

  • NDT will work with Anthony on JDA documents to work out review process

  • Josey to send directions

  • This is the moment for their input

Monday, July 26 @ 9:30 am
Chief Justice Herb Yazzie, TOC Chair
Harold Skow, TOC
Orlando Bowman, TOC
Ben Mariano, TOC
Cindy Yellowhair, TOC
Officer Mike Lee, TOC Alternate
Gwen Williams, TOC Alternate
Ed Martin, Director Judicial Administration
Jimmy Yellowhair, Judicial Financial Director
Roberta Sam, Judicial FInancial Specialist
Alex Largie, NNDIT
Bennekke Gorman, NNDIT
Nelson Billy, NNDIT
Elrena Mitchell, NNDIT
Josephine Foo, Project Manager
Anthony Spencer, Business Systems Administrator
Preliminary Summaries
Meeting convened with a quorem of 6 voting members at 9:43 am. and had 7 out of 10 members by 10 a.m.  Mike Lee, alternate for Mr. Cowboy, signed in a bit late and missed the first vote.  Foo explained that due to reimbursements from the NM JAG ARRA Grant, there is now more funds that may be spent out of the Navajo Fixed Costs in FY2010, so some decisions must be made in 3 areas.  Also, the original designations for WR and CH as the next districts for rollout and cabling enhancements must be revised because CH is no longer in play due to building issues, namely, a new courthouse may or may not be built within the next 5 years.  As we do not have enough information now, we will be tabling CH till FY2011.  In addition, TC, KY, CP are not ready for cabling due to construction. Below is the discussion in each area followed by TOC vote.
  • Action Items:  Roberta and Gwen to meet at 1 pm, Thursday July 29 to (1) unencumber K060803 and K070814 immediately and (2) encumber 118019.  Foo will assist Gwen in extending her K060803 grant. 
The TOC unanimously voted to proceed with cabling in AN, DL, AL/TOH and RM; and also with WR Jail and TC, CH and Tohatchi Juvenile Detention Centers.
  • Action Items:  Bennekke and Alex to get WR, AN, AL/TOH, DL and RM quotes (3 quotes) no later than August 15 to Roberta who will immediately invoice.   Bennekke to assess the WR jail and 3 juvenile detention centers and get 3 quotes for cabling in these places also to Roberta by August 15. 
 The TOC voted unanimously to purchase video conferencing equipment for the courts and also for WR jail and the 3 juvenile detention centers; to purchase pedestal units; to go for multi-point. 
  • Action Items:  Ben Mariano to go back to the drawing board and get 3 firm quotes for pedestal, multi-point video conferencing for the 5 judicial districts above PLUS WR jail and Tohatchi, TC and CH juvenile detention centers.  These must be gotten to Roberta immediately. 
Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am. 

Wed., July 21, 2:30 pm - 3:20 pm

Teleconference NDT-NNIJISP Status

Bryan Quiram, NDT Project Implementer
Jed Judd, NDT Project Manager
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT
Josephine Foo, Project Manager, NNIJISP
Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP

Jed – send note to Josey on Data Conversion for activity log

Bryan – confirm config trip details

Anthony – updating workflows – majority are finished; currently working on delinquency and probation; Will send what he’s got now, and will send others Friday – Anthony will send to Josey and Josey will put them on NNIJISP site. NDT will pull workflows from there. 

Anthony will inform all users what to expect in the config meetings and tell them to be frank and open. 

FYI –Oversight from Legislative Services will attend JustWare configuration; what people need to know is that NDT understands their needs and their workflows; e.g. don’t call Prosecutors DA’s. 

Bryan – having problems access the internet and unable to do the BI review;

Anthony - Logins will be given out to users who attended JustWare User’s Conference;

Anthony will collect other usernames for people and get logins prior to configuration as needed.

Mon., July 19, 10 am - 11:25 am

Teleconference NDT-NNIJISP First Iteration Forms Review

Bryan Quiram, NDT Project Implementer
Kurt Wheeler, Project Implemented, NDT
Josephine Foo, Project Manager, NNIJISP
Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP

Completed Review of Forms 1 - 6 out of 25.  Will address remainder 3:30 - 4:30 pm Wed. after status meeting.  NDT needs conditions of release pending arraignment, for temporary commitment, pending hearing, and post-judgement supervision.  He also needs police name app table, including SR, CP, WR and NM police.  The notice of hearing will have police officer's name, station, and PO B.  Anthony to send conditions and name apps to Foo, who will send to NDT after formatting and inhouse review.  These can be done after the config.  Fixed captions and other form minutiae.  Foo will post all reviewed 1st it forms.

Thurs., July 15


Samson Cowboy, Exe. Dir., Public Safety
Josephine Foo, Project Manager, NNIJISP
Mo West, Technical Assistance Specialist, SEARCH

SEARCH -- a USDOJ TA Provider for IT -- will be able to visit the Navajo Nation in 4-6 weeks for TA purposes; survey software implementation and RMS integration issues; generate long and short reports on immediate and long term needs.  Foo will make an online request immediately for NDPS followed by draft of short LOA and schedule visit.

Thurs., July 8, 2010

JustWare Server Verification

NNDIT (Alex Largie, Ben Gorman, Nelson Billy)
NDT (J Judd)

July 7, 2010, 2:30 pm

Status Meeting, teleconference
Present:  JJudd, BQuiram (NDT); JFoo, BMariano (NN)
  1. 1st config meetings will be followed by 2nd Round Config (Aug 30 - 31, Sept 1-3) and 3rd Round Config (October 25-29) which Josey previously cleared with Ethel.
  2. As these will be followed up pretty closely, there should be clear goals for each round spelled out.
  3. 1st Iteration forms should be reviewed soon so that BI can plainly understand the comments intended. Review will be Monday, July 19 at 10 am.  Foo to supply call-in code.  Jed will be absent.
  4. Workflows have been supplemented and uploaded to  Jed has now downloaded them.  Only 2 have been fully revised by Ethel -- i.e. Accounting and Criminal/Criminal Traffic.  Anthony should sit with users and go through the workflows in next few weeks and finalize as much as possible prior to Config meetings.  The finalized workflows relevant to each Config section should be printed out and provided to the attendeed in hard copy packets so they can follow. 
  5. Laptops -- it may be too much to have a laptop per person, in any case having one laptop each may distract from the tasks of problem solving.  Optimum would be 5 - 6 laptops per session of 30 people. 
  6. Next week's status meeting canceled due to everyone's travel.
  7. Status meeting will take place on Wed. July 21 at usual time.
  8. Forms, generally, other than first iteration, are lower priority than workflows and can be revised through 3rd config or later even up to Go Live.
  9. Next config will focus on business rules.
  10. Data conversion continues and will pick up week of July 19.
  11. By Config date Aug 2, the serve should be ready and logins provided for all users to practice on the not-yet-live CMS.
  12. Superusers and NDT will make business rules.
Urgent Action Items:
  1. Bryan to send out goals for each of the 3 Config Meetings.
  2. Bryan will review and reconcile all code tables, including Ben's and Josey's from July Fourth.
  3. Anthony to use the coming week to complete review of the first iterations forms packet.  Anthony will then update the forms and send it out to this group before the July 19 forms review phone meeting. 
  4. Anthony will confirm 2nd Round Config (Aug 30 - 31, Sept 1-3) and 3rd Round Config (October 25-29) with Ethel.  We will wait to inform NNIJISP until after the 1st Round.
  5. Ben and Jed will focus on data conversion.
  6. Anthony will sit with users and finalize workflows; then provide them to Foo for revision and upload.
  7. Anthony will copy the finalized workflows and prepare packets for attendees of each Config session.

First Iteration Forms, Post-Review Review: Mon., July 19 @ 10 am. 

Next Status Meeting:  Wed., July 21, 2010; 2:30 pm.  Jed to call Anthony, Ben and Josey.

Tues., July 6, 2010, 9:30 am - noon

CODY Live Demo, NNDIT Conference Room

Officer Mike Lee

Officer Karen Begaye

Officer Montoya

Harold Skow

Alex Largie

Nelson Billy

Ben Gorman

Orlando Bowman

Daryl Junes

Gloria Dee

Ben Mariano

Anthony Spencer

Josephine Foo

Bart Liechty, NDT

Jed Judd, NDT


Demo of CODY LIVE, discussion focussed on issues facing input integrity, fields that the Prosecutor needs to be exported in order to create criminal complaints, what Justware needs for data push-pull, modifications that were requested when CODY was implemented, solutions actually offered and given, and what DPS has done to refine the solution.  DPS needs to track stats -- IMS may have issues with their zip code + letter solutions.  Harold Skow explained that the use of mailing data fields for directional addresses is incorrect and not a long term solution.  Foo asked using voter department numbers might be more useful for stats by chapter.  Officer Mike assured everyone that the census number was being moved up to the front screen.  There are GPS boxes, but maps are an additional cost.  There was consensus that inputting GPS coordinates rather than have Officer Mike make a lengthy drop down list of highways and sites for stats purposes might be optimal.


Action Items:

  1. IMS will discuss the zip code solution and other stats-keeping issues and solutions

  2. NN CODY Admin and Prosecutors will meet and finalize fields the Prosecutor need exported to generate criminal complaints

  3. Foo will explore standards for use of data fields in federal funded IJIS

  4. Ben Gorman to submit invoices for WR cabling and assessments of district courts network capability by July 14

  5. Karen Begaye to submit 3rd bid for CODY Mobile Unit laptops

Tues., July 6, 2010, 1 pm - 4 pm

NN CODY - Prosecutor Meeting

Daryl Junes, Shiprock Prosecutor
Gloria Dee, Shiprock Prosecutor's Office
Officer Mike Lee
Anthony Spencer

Discussion on fields that need to be exported from CODY into Justware for prosecutors to generate cirminal complaints

Friday, July 2, 2010, 9:30 - Noon

Shiprock Court meeting on revision of Civil Family Court forms and 1st Iteration Forms Review

Judge Geraldine Benally
Ethel Laughing
Lucia Barton-Jenssen
Candida Foster
Bernice Roe
Curtis Heeter
Anthony Spencer
Josephine Foo

June 30, 2010

Mapping sent to NDT by Ben Mariano for data conversion

June 30, 2010

NM NDT Status Phone Conference


Jed Judd

Alex Largie, NNDIT

Nelson Billy, NNDIT

Ben Gorman, NNDIT

Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP Business Systems Administrator
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager

Discussion of CODY fields – mapping to JustWare in light of the coming CODY live demo next week.  Brief discussion of configuration meetings agenda which does not presently contain civil cases and small claims.

June 29, 2010, 3 pm - 5:40 pm

NM DPS ARRA JAG site monitoring visit, AOC Conference Room and DIT  

Sheila Kil, NM DPS GMB
Evelyn Romero, NM DPS GMB
Alex Largie, NNDIT
Ben Gorman, NNDIT
Ben Peshlakai, Contract Accounting
Levon Smiley, Contract Accounting
WIlliam Nakai, HR Director, Judicial
Jimmy Yellowhair, Judicial Finance Director
Roberta Sam, Judicial Finance Specialist
Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP Business Systems Administrator
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager

Review of all financials and files; visit to JustWare server and affix tags.

June 29, 2010, 9 am - 11:35 am

NNIJISP-CODY Administrator meeting in DPS Conference Room  

Harold Skow, DIT Manager
Nelson Billy, NNDIT
Alex Largie, NNDIT
Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer
Orlando Bowman, IMS
Jeanette Denetdale, IMS
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT
Officer Mike Lee, CODY Administrator (LE)
Ophelia Begay, CODY Administrator (Corrections)
Officer Ernest Montoya, Sr., NDPS - CODY Administrator (LE)
Officer Lorna Benally, CODY Administrator (LE)
Evangeline Watson, TCPD Dispatch
Officer Karen P. Begaye, CODY Administrator (LE)
Officer Willis Martine, CODY Administrator (LE)
Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP Business Systems Administrator
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager

Discussion on

  • budget details of purchasing CODY mobile unit equipment;
  • establishment of an independent NNIJISP under DOJ/NNDIT, reasons for it, and what the program will do; 
  • data exchange and conversion issues as well as input fidelity, preliminary issues.
  • fully identify the full range of data exchange and input fidelity issues;
  • achieve a strategic plan toward development of protocols for input and training on the CODY side; and 
  • identify optimum fields modification, if any, for input and mapping on both CODY and Justware sides


  • Address fields in CODY not designed for physical residence free text descriptions, but are being used for this.  Many despatchers are now used to this and want to keep it, but the issue is many people inputting data are not using fields correctly as fields are not designed for this; and if CODY upgrades, these fields will not be upgraded correctly as they are not being used as the design intended;
  • CODY administrators rely on certain fields for keeping stats, eg chapter fields, but the zip code function doesnt fit the chapter boundaries, so a solution being used is appending a letter, e.g. 86515L.  They are implementing creative solutions; 

June 24, 2010, 10 am - 4 pm

JDA Document, Preliminary / Introduction, teleconference

Jed Judd, New Dawn Tech, Project Manager
Brian Quiram, New Dawn Tech
Ben Stocks, New Dawn Tech
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager (signed in late)
Anthony Spencer, BSA
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT Manager
Nelson Billy, NNDIT Programmer Analyst Supervisor

Navajo Nation listened in and participated in a hands-on JDA training session for the Boulder DA's office.

June 24, 2010, 10 am - 10:45 am

Teleconference meeting on connectivity of districts and video conferencing equipment

Harold Skow, DIT Manager
Ben Gorman
Nelson Billy
Ed Martin, Director AOC
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager

Discussion on feasibility of implementing video conferencing on district by district basis; not feasible to implement now where IT network not yet enhances; and this will not be done in districts where buildings are under consideration or approval to be demolished/built (Tuba, Kayenta, Crownpoint, Chinle).  IT assessments will be immediately performed at Alamo, Aneth, Dilkon, Ramah and Tohajiilee, reports due July 14.  Video conf will definitely be purchased for Shiprock and Window Rock; quotes to be obtained by Ben Mariano no later than July 4.

June 23, 2010, 2:30 pm

Status Meeting, teleconference

Jed Judd, New Dawn Tech, Project Manager
Brian Quiram, New Dawn Tech
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager

Finalize Config schedule and subject matter; discuss code tables; discuss WR budget; discuss urgency of NDT getting invoices in now; discussed Justice Broker and CODY interface invoices and data conversion invoices also.

July 19, 2010

Userbase-JustWare Conversion scheduled to start -- first iteration.  2nd iteration July 28; 3rd iteration scheduled for July 31.

June 17, 2010, 9 am - 2 pm

Mapping Document Review for Userbase Conversion, teleconference

Jed Judd, New Dawn Tech, Project Manager
Brian Quiram, New Dawn Tech
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT Manager

Discussion on expenses, projected expenses, extensions, and progress of NNIJISP to date.

June 16, 2010

Site Monitoring visit by Dustin Koonce, USDOJ BJA National Policy Advisor

Mr. Koonce
Delores Greyeyes, Dir. Dept. Corrections (TOC Committee member)
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager
Ben Gorman, NNDIT Network Manager
Roberta Sam, Judicial Financial Specialist

Discussion on expenses, projected expenses, extensions, and progress of NNIJISP to date.

June 15, 2010

JustWare installed on Server

NNIJISP JustWare Status Conference Call, 1 pm - 3 pm
Jed Judd, New Dawn Tech, Project Manager
Brian Quiram, New Dawn Tech
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT Manager

Discussion on configuration meetings, forms, and workbooks

June 14, 2010

NNIJISP JustWare Status Conference Call, 10 am - 11 am
Jed Judd, New Dawn Tech, Project Manager
Brian Quiram, New Dawn Tech
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT Manager
Anthony Spencer, ITBSA, NNIJISP

Discussion on configuration meetings, forms, and workbooks

June 6 - 11, 2010

Justware Annual Training in Logan, Utah.  People selected to attend:

Ethel Laughing, Shiprock Court Administrator

Candida Foster, Court Clerk shiprock Family Court

Lisa Poyer, Shiprock Probation Officer

Gloria Dee, Shiprock Prosecutor's Office

Ben Mariano, IT Supervisor, AOC Window Rock

Nelson Billy, Programmer DIT, Window Rock

Anthony Spencer, ITBSA NNIJISP 


Nelson Billy, Programmer Analyst Supervisor, NNDIT--

New Dawn Technologies’ JustWare conference provided an opportunity for me to learn more about the application.  I learn how privileges are set up in Justware.  There are four default security profiles in JustWare which are View_only, General user, Power user, and Admin user. The first thing you have to do to give users privileges is create a SQL login in SQL Server.  There are four privileges that can be assigned to a user in Justware which are  view, delete, update, and insert.  Once a SQL login is created you create a security profile for the user and you assign them to one of the four default security profiles to make them members of that profile.  If a user needs more flexible privileges then you can allow privileges in the user own security profiles.  JustWare also has a feature called Business Rules. These are custom business rules that allow user to automate process in any form they choose.  There are triggers already define and you can create your own business rules if need be.  There are other features such data partitioning which allow user to hide certain cases or data from other users.  Then there is the code partitioning which allow user to hide items off the dropdown menu on any forms. The JustWare conference was a eye opening experience. 

Ethel Laughing, Shiprock Court Administrator--

JustWare Training was awesome, it was an introduction of the system and learning about the JustWare capabilities of case management, administration, finance, justiceweb, and many others.    Participated in the following sessions:  JustWare for end users; manage your staff with JustWare; security; maintaining your JustWare database; performance measures; financials; introduction to business rules; system reports; JustWare utilities; upgrades and what new in JustWare 5.3 and JusticeWeb; and hearing story on Spokane Municipal Prosecutor’s Office JustWare.    I also got a chance to hear out some pro/cons from users of JustWare.   Attending this training, it gave me that reassurance JustWare capabilities will address needs of the Shiprock Judicial District.  

I’m excited and looking forward to projected date for go-live.  

Candida Foster, Shiprock Family Court Clerk--

I think it would be a really good system for the courts as far as accountability, me being a court clerk, our CA would actually know which clerks are working, case accounting, and managing your cases, and that's what I like about it the most.  I notice it will eliminate a lot of paper especially with the scheduling of cases in both our district and family courts, it would eliminate double scheduling.  The capabilities of the new software is really neat.  As we go along, we will be able to go more high tech, even in creating our own formulas. 

Before I went to this training, I was lost, but after the training I have a better understanding of what you can do hands on.  They gave us lab training, which was really neat and hands on.  E.g. how the judges will be able to go into the system, and see different case schedulings, and we clerks will be able to set up custom. 

Anthony Spencer,BSA NNIJISP, Shiprock District & Family Courts--

I feel the training was beneficial to me overall; it gave me a better understanding of what it was capable of and what it could not do. I attended 14 classes overall, they were all informative, but it was a lot of information in the short period of time it was presented.

I attended the introduction to Justware Business rules, which I felt would benefit the Navajo Nation, in the class I learned of the SQL database which runs a minority of the programs in Justware. I learned about triggers and ending results and about adding data into the SQL database and achieving various results for different screens in Justware (although it will take some time to really and fully understand the formula and such).

Other classes  such as administrative  training were very informative; this class provided a better understanding of the code tables; how it is done to achieve results to case statistics, case reporting; how to  give me users different type of usage clearances, from level 1 to level 6. Other classes included security, performance measures, going green, utilities, system administrative training, JDA documents, Maintaining Justware, one lab class in business rules, Intro to business rules and advanced business rules.

I enjoyed the training and I hope to apply all that I have learned in the near future.

Gloria J. Dee, Legal Secretary, Shiprock District Prosecutors Office--

The training was great.  I was glad to be given the opportunity to meet the New Dawn techies who will be working on this project. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to work with the Justware software in a 3.5 hr lab and was very interesting. Will make our jobs alot easier once we initiate the software.  Participants were given a USB jump drive covering training. The overall classes and conference was great.

June 2, 2010, 2-3 pm

Quote received from Fred Johnston CODY Systems for data exchange

June 2, 2010, 2-3 pm

Web Demo for judges and staff attorneys

June 2, 2010, 1:30 pm

First Shiprock Core Team NNIJISP meeting, JustWare, Shiprock, at Shiprock Chapter House

Lt. Dempster Harvey
Ray Deal, Peacemaking Liaison
Gibson McDonald, PPS
Janice Harvey, PPS
Lisa Poyer, PPS
Angie Sanford, Public Defender
Gloria Dee, Prosecutor's Office
Sly Bruce, DOC
Josephine Foo

Introductions and expectations.

May 24, 2010, 9 - 10:30 am

NNIJISP - CODY Meeting, DPS Conference Room, Window Rock

Chief Justice Herb Yazzie
Delores Greyeyes, Director, Corrections
Capt. William Platero

Capt. Bobby Etcitty
Henry Bosie

Josephine Foo

May 24, 2010

NNIJISP JustWare Status Conference Call
Jed Judd, New Dawn Tech, Project Manager
Anthony Spencer, ITBSA, NNIJISP

The call was in respect to forms submitted to Justware, some forms need review, some were still in progress.

The acceptance of Plea and Notice of was reviewed, Criminal Traffic Bench Warrant was reviewed; Traffic Civil Order on reconsideration, Traffic Civil Re-Schedule Traffic Hearing  as Bench Trial were reviewed as well. The forms reviewed will need further review by the court administrator and Judges and recommendations will be forwarded to Justware.

Call from Mr. Fred Hershey, Project Manager, CODY Systems to  Anthony Spencer, ITBSA, NNIJISP

The call was an introduction of Mr. Spencer to Mr. Hershey, The CODY system is currently being used by the Navajo Nation Police Department, Mr. Hershey offered the services of his office and to see how the Justware system currently being implemented at the Shiprock District Court could be intergraded. He asked that I get in touch with Mr. Leonard Redhorse, NNPD and Mr. Michael Lee, NNPD who are currently active in utilizing the CODY system.  The call was followed up by an email.

May 21, 2010  9:00 to 3:00

Probation/ Parole / NNIJISP Meeting, Department of Justice / Attorney General Conference Room

The meeting was a continuance from the May 12, 2010 meeting; a discussion took place on the CSW Service agreement, the need to adopt one form across the Judicial Branch needs to take place and the form needs to be submitted to Justware for implementation  . A consensus needs to be reached by all of the court districts.  The form was tabled for the meeting until all of the officers could go back to their districts and get concurrence by their respective Judges and come back for review.

All of the districts are urged to come to a consensus.

The court staff would like to see copies of documents; stamped with Defendant, court, folder and probation.

Can all the documents form Justware be burned to a CD or  a USB, I explained that were three servers bought and are currently being installed thereby, the servers should be able to back each other up, and eliminate the need to copy to a CD or a USB.

The CSW timesheet is considered complete and will be submitted as is to Justware

A master list developed for the probation department will be submitted to Justware for development; however, an electronic copy is needed.

A newly developed conditions of Probation and Parole form was presented by Genevieve Brandy, Probation Officer –Kayenta;  This sheet will updated by Ms. Brandy and will be submitted to Justware as a form with the consensus of the probation officers in attendance.

A document for Conclusion of Community Service Work was brainstormed and developed for use by the officers in attendance. The form was given to Mr. Spencer for submission to Justware as a working document.

Other forms to consider for the next meeting are; Revocation, Order to show cause, non-compliance, a work report for CSW, and a release of liability (will need a staff attorney present).

Next meeting set for May 25, 2010 9 am to 3 pm, Place to be announced


Lucinda Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer,

Lauren Billy, Alamo/ To’hajiilee Probation Officer 

Verlena Hale, W/R Court Administrator

Ellery Nez, Ramah Probation Officer

Genevieve Brandy Kayenta Probation Officer

Eva Sam, T/C Probation Officer 

Delores Wilson, T/C Probation Officer

Arlene Begay, Dilcon Probation Officer

Loretta Watchman, shiprock O/T

Marcellus Morgan, W/R Probation Officer

Anthony Spencer, ITBSA NNIJISP

May 18, 2010                                        12 -  3:30 pm

Center for Court innovation / NNIJISP Meeting, Shiprock Court

Mr. Aaron Arnold, Director, Tribal Justice Exchange, CCI, Presenter

Mr. Brett Taylor, Deputy Director, Tribal Justice Exchange, CCI Presenter

Lunch was provided to the staff in attendance by Court Innovations.

An overall introduction was given by both presenters regarding the Community Court innovative program.  The concept of this program was started in Brooklyn, New York. The center for court innovation is a non for profit think tank dedicated to Justice System reform. This project is a problem-solving project using education and reform versus using the punitive system.  The purpose of this meeting was to discuss what services were needed, what resources could be expended by each agency, and thereby plan for inclusion of a community court system in the JustWare CMS.

The Chief Justice, Judge Black, Judge Woody, Virgil Pablo and Josephine Foo had visited the Red Hook Community Court in April, 2009.

The project is community oriented and community based; it has been given a green light by Chief Justice as a pilot project in the Aneth Judicial District. 

The project is used to bring accountability to the offender, by using an outreach, rather than being punitive, using education as a tool, having offender doing minor CSW

Teaching the offender to empower themselves, through teaching, counseling etc,

NNIJISP will be of great benefit to the project; they will go hand in hand, by tracking compliance using Justware.

A meeting of agencies and service providers has been set for June 2 at the Shiprock chapter house.  The following representatives will attend:

Lorraine S. Lee, Dept of Corrections, Corrections Supervisor,

Ivan G. Tsosie, NPD, Shiprock, Captain,

Dempsey Harvey, NPD, Shiprock,

Anne Johnson, shiprock District Court, Peacemaking Office Tech,

Angie K. Stanford, Shiprock Public Defender, Counsel,

Gloria J. Dee, Shiprock Prosecutors Office, Secretary,

Ray Deal, Shiprock District Court, Peacemaker,

Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP, ITBSA,

Josephine Foo, NNIJISP, Associate Attorney,

Janice Harvey, Shiprock District Court, Probation Officer,

Daryl Junes, Shiprock Prosecutors Office, Prosecutor



Irene Black, Aneth District Court Judge,

Stanley Nez, Aneth District Court, Peacemaker,

Cindy Yellowhair, AOC Chief Probation Office,

Loretta Watchman, Office Tech, shiprock District Court,

Lorraine S. Lee, Dept of Corrections, Corrections Supervisor,

Ivan G. Tsosie, NPD, Shiprock, Captain,

Geraldine V. Benally, Shiprock District Court, Judge, gbenally

Dempsey Harvey, NPD, Shiprock,

Ethel Laughing, Shiprock District Court, Court Administrator,

Lucy Yesslith, shiprock District Court, Probation Officer

Anne Johnson, shiprock District Court, Peacemaking Office Tech,

Angie K. Stanford, Shiprock Public Defender, Counsel,

Arvina Pete, Shiprock Public Defender, Secretary,

Shannarae Begay, Shiprock Public Defender, Secretary Aide,

Gloria J. Dee, Shiprock Prosecutors Office, Secretary,

Barbara B. Peterson, , Shiprock Prosecutors Office, Secretary,

Genevieve Woody, Shiprock District Court, Judge,

Janelle Dee, Shiprock District Court, Office Tech,

Gloria Benally, AOC, Peacemaking Coordinator,

Ray Deal, Shiprock District Court, Peacemaker,

Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP, ITBSA,

Josephine Foo, NNIJISP, Associate Attorney,

Curtis Heeter, Aneth District Court, Staff Attorney,

Janice Harvey, Shiprock District Court, Probation Officer,

Lucy Yesslith, Shiprock District Court, Probation Officer,

Juanita Goodluck, Shiprock District Court, Court Clerk,

Daryl Junes, Shiprock Prosecutors Office, Prosecutor


Post-Meeting Discussion:

Discussion on the difficulties of getting the Community Court program going at Aneth due to sharing agencies betwen Shiprock and Aneth, across a great distance, making it not cost-effective for service providers and justice agencies to attend weekly status meetings.  Systemic difficulties were discussed, including

  • overly-complex complaint filing system; Aaron will send us samples of a summary "unified" complaint system for petty crimes used in New York State.
  • need for pre-complaint diversion rules and assistance from probation services for both adults and juveniles. 
  • How to fund agencies to attend weekly meetings, Aaron will look into alternative grant funding.


Aaron Arnold

Brett Taylor

Josephine Foo

Judge Black

Judge Benally

Curtis Heeter

Gloria Benally

Lucinda Yellowhair

Susie Martin

Stanley Nez

Larry Emerson

Daryl Junes

Anthony Spencer

May 17 - 22, 2010

Server review and verification, JustWare - NNDIT - Ardham

May 10 - 14, 2010

Server delivered and installed by Ardham

May 12, 2010 9:00 – 4:00

Probation-Parole / NNIJISP Meeting, Window Rock, Arizona, 1st American Credit Union                               

This meeting was a continuation from May 6, 2010; the group finished the acronyms for the probation module attributes.

A recommendation for closure was discussed at length, a simplify version was developed by the officer which will be used by the officers. 

Questions concerning fill in on forms were asked, I explained that the forms would have to be given to Justware for a final say so.

The officers went over forms submitted to Justware, Lisa Poyer expressed that the forms submitted was not the original given to Anthony Spencer, they asked that the original document be used in the performance of their duties.

The time sheet that is currently in use; was agreed to overall, since it was consistent in all the districts

Another meeting was called for May 21, 2010 at the 1st American Credit Union


Lucinda Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer

Darlene LaFrance, Dilcon Court Administrator

Genevieve Brandy, –Kayenta Probation Officer

Diana Tsosie, -Crownpoint Office Tech

Ellery Nez, - Ramah Probation Officer

Lauren Billy, - Alamo/ To’hajiilee Probation Officer

Lisa Poyer, -Shiprock Probation Officer

Charlene Curley, - Kayenta Probation Officer

Victoria Joe, Chinle Probation Officer

Loretta Watchman, Crownpoint Office Tech

Janice Harvey, Shiprock Probation Officer

Eva Sam, T/C Probation officer

Delores Wilson-Aguirre, T/C Probation Officer

Ethel Laughing, Shiprock Court Administrator

Arlene Begay, Dilcon Probation Officer

Caroline Padilla, Alamo/To’hajiilee Court Administrator

Marcellus Morgan, Window Rock Probation Officer

Aurelia Barlow, Window Rock Probation Officer

Rosella Chee, Probation Officer Window Rock

Esther Jose, Ramah Court Administrator

Anthony Spencer, ITBSA NNIJISP

May 6, 2010   9:00 – 4:00

Probation-Parole NNIJISP Meeting, Kayenta, Arizona.  An introduction of Anthony Spencer, NNIJSP ITBSA and the introduction of Josephine Foo, Project Manager NNIJSP and Justware, New Dawn Technology of Logan, UT.  An overview of the functionally of the software.

Forms are needed for the Probation module; the forms needed will be collected and induced into Justware for uniformity and standardization.

The group went into discussion of how all of the districts were using different version of the formThe group discussed which offices were collecting monies; I informed the group that Justware would be able to provide an accounting module within the probation module to issue receipts and such.

Which Chapter does a person reside in, the group wanted a place where a chapter could be entered and they wanted a drop down with all of the particular chapters for each agency. A physical address was also needed for clients; I informed them that Justware has a place for physical address as part of general information needed.

The officers came up with different acronyms for terms used by the Probation department. This will be used to help with drop downs in the Probation Module.

Drop downs were discussed, could there be drop downs with drop downs? Justware confirmed that this could be done.

Another Probation department meeting will be held on May 12, 2010 at the 1st American Credit Union.


Cindy Yellowhair, CPO

Lavonne Yazzie, C/A Kayenta

Ethel Laughing, C/A Shiprock

Loretta Watchman, OT Shiprock

Genevieve Brandy, PO, Kayenta

Arlene Begay, PO Dilcon

Diana Tsosie, OT, Crownpoint

Harmon Mason, PO Window Rock

Marcellus Morgan, PO Window Rock

Ellery Nez, PO Ramah

Samuel Henio, PO To’hajiilee

Eva Sam, T/C Probation officer

Delores Wilson-Aguirre, T/C Probation Officer

Linda Lee, Ramah District Court O/T

Anthony Spencer, ITBSA –NNIJISP

May 5, 2010 

8:15 -8:30  --  NNIJISP JustWare Status Call

Jed Judd, NDT, Project Manager                  
Anthony Spencer, ITBSA

General Status Conference call;  update of the servers that were bought for NNIJISP, they will be brought to NN DIT and will be ready for install on the week of May 10/14, 2010.

9: 15 – 10:45; and 3:00-4:30  CTAS Grant Application Meeting at the IMS conference room.                         

Planning continued for the tribe to submit a CTAS single-tribe application for funding.  There will be a NNIJISP TCAP portion of the CTAS application. The grant must beturned in as a group on May 17, 2010.


Gwen William-, NNOCP

Stephanie Baldwin- NNDPS

Orlando Bowman- IMS Supervisor

Robert Platero-DPS

Anthony Spencer-NNIJISP

Michael Lee- DPS

Tues., May 4, 2010, 3 pm --- 4 pm

NNIJISP JustWare Status (Teleconference) Meeting

Jed Judd, NDT PM
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP PM
Anthony Spencer, ITBSA


1.     General status, including revised 04 statute workbooks and need for Code to be attached to offense description upon searches.

2.     Workbooks explained to Anthony.

Fri., April 30, 2010, 9:30 am. - Noon
Fri., April 30 -- Presentation to Quarterly Judicial Conference.  Window Rock District Court

New Dawn presentation to Navajo Nation judges, staff attorneys and court administrators.

Jed Judd, NDT PM
Adam Laing, NDT Project Implementer
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP PM
Anthony Spencer, ITBSA
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT

Delores Greyeyes, Dir., Corrections
Orlando Bowman, Prog Mgr, IMS
Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer
Bernadine Martin, Chief Prosecutor
Capt. Robert Platero, Criminal Investigations

Judicial Attendees:
Chief Justice Herb Yazzie
Asso. Justice Eleanor Shirley
Asso. Justice Louise Grant
Judge Thomas Holgate, Window Rock
Judge Carol Perry, Window Rock
Judge Irene Toledo, Crownpoint
Judge Laverne Johnson, Crownpoint
Judge Irene Black, Aneth
Judge Genevieve Woody, Shiprock
Judge Geraldine Benally, Shiprock
Judge Leroy Bedonie, Chinle
Judge Cynthia Thompson, Chinle
Judge Jennifer Benally, Kayenta
Judge Rudy Bedonie, Dilkon
Judge William J.J. Platero, Alamo/Tohajiilee
Judge Allen Sloan, Tuba City
Jennifer Balin, Staff Attorney, Window Rock
Patrick Dooley, Staff Attorney, Crownpoint
Curtis Heeter, Staff Attorney, Aneth/Shiprock
Heather Anderson, Staff Attorney, Shiprock
Rod Begay, Staff Attorney, Chinle
Shawn Attakai, Staff Attorney, Kayenta
Tina Hatathli, Staff Attorney, Tuba City
Jordan Hale, Staff Attorney, Dilkon
Benji Bates, CA, Supreme Court
Suzie Martin, CA, Aneth
Ethel Laughing, CA, Shiprock
Vanessa Mescal, CA, Chinle
Lavonne Yazzie, CA, Kayenta
Darlene LaFrance, CA, Dilkon
Esther Jose, CA, Ramah
Caroline Padilla, CA, Alamo/Tohajiilee
Alice Huskie, CA, Tuba City
List Incomplete


1.     Presentation began with description of procurement process, culminating in Dec 28, 2009 contract signing.  The new ITBSA, Anthony Spencer was introduced.  Ben Mariano spoke briefly about the utility of the software.  Jed Judd assisted by Adam Laing of New Dawn then made their presentation, followed by Q&A.

2.     Explained:

a.       The basis for the proof of concept and roll out (NCSC and IJIS reports), due to lessons learned from CODY; IT infrastructure and funding issues; user-related and training-related issues; recurring costs.

b.      Timing for the rollout (4-6 months from kick-off to rollout depending on sign-off by the committee and supplier-related and other factors that makes it difficult to give a firm timeline at this time;

c.       TOC have selected WR and CH being next districts for rollout with other districts not yet named; however, TC and KY likely at the tail end due to building issues.  Total for rollout, with no delays, should be under 2 years.

d.      Rural Broadband project, building fiber spine on the Nation, discussed; project is coincidentially tracking NNIJISP internal network IT enhancement and rollout, and will be completed in 3 years.

e.      IT enhancement will be in place district by district prior to software implementation, which involved moving T1 cabling hub to Law Enforcement for 24/7 access and enhancing equipment, switches, and cabling up to code; with IT enhancement, multiple users may sign on internet at any time. SR has been IT enhanced; CH and WR is happening very soon.

f.        CODY issues behind why data exchange is not possible at this time; including errors, lack of use, sampling of bad data; lack of CODY training.

g.       Grant funding being pursued, including videoconferencing for judicial districts and for the rollout IT enhancement and JustWare purchase on district by district basis. 

h.      Dedicated NNIJISP staff being hired on grants, bare-bones right now and need assistance from CAs to get information out. 

i.         While NNIJISP has been administered by Judicial for the past 3 years, the consensus of the committee is that it should now be its own separate entity.  Paul Spruhan, Greg Kelly at DOJ assisting NNIJISP in drafting a Plan of Operations for this entity with a governance structure for the NNIJISP committee to continue oversight in more or less the same form, but no longer directly administered by Judicial.

j.        Reports will be canned reports for now with sample reports used by other jurisdictions to be provided by New Dawn.  Navajo districts will use the canned/sample reports as a jumping off point to design own reports.  Share-hide protocols will also follow this format.

k.       Shiprock forms for courts and all NNIJISP participating agencies will be uploaded to NNIJISP site on a non-published link as they are provided; districts must set their own timelines to standardize forms that they can download from this site.  Target should be 4-6 months for finalization of standardized forms.

The unpublished link to the forms has been provided.  If you need the link again, please contact    

l.         The civil and criminal procedure will need to be revisited to include electronic procedures.  The NNIJISP staff will get a list to the judges and, perhaps, samples of how other courts have resolved same issues in their procedural rules.  Unable to provide these now as information is still coming in. 

m.    Total NNIJISP recurring costs intended to come out of fixed costs or IDCs, not the responsibility of districts; and NNIJISP as an integrated justice community project pursuant to the 2009 contract and 2007 MoA pursuant to at least 2 Council resolutions.

3.     Judd touched on the JustWare user's conference on June 7-11 in Logan.  Conference details are at  NNIJISP staff to ascertain how many attendees can be funded.

4.     Issues raised: there are computer challenged judges, some judges have had no information on this project and Windw Rock lacks  CA at this time, so Judges and Staff Attorneys should be placed on the NNIJISP information listserve.

5.     Action items: 

a.     There should be a web demo soon targeted specifically to judges and staff attorneys.  Judd agreed to arrange this. 

b.    Staff Attorneys and Judges to be added to NNIJISP list-serve.

c.     Forms to continue to be uploaded as prepared for JDA author template.

d.    Ascertain how many attendees can be funded to go to Logan, Utah, for the June 7 – 11 training.

e.     Generate list of electronic procedural items for judges.

f.     Jed to get sample reports and share-hide protocols being now used by courts and other agencies for NNIJISP agencies to use as a jumping off point. 

g.    Procure further grant funding.

h.     Draft Plan of Operations for separate NNIJISP.

i.      NNIJISP staff to complete new Dawn config workbooks.

Thurs., April 29, 2010
Window Rock Kickoff Meetings.  Navajo Nation Museum Auditorium
10 am – Noon Fit analysis with NNIJISP Committee and Navajo Nation program administrators in general session (2 hr).  Session is intended for court administrators, prosecution, probation, peacemaking, and public defender management level users from all Navajo Nation districts.  CODY law enforcement administrators, DOC, IMS, etc. also welcome to attend. 

List forthcoming
12:30 pm- 1:30 pm Court Administrators only
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Prosecutor Administrators only

Barb Willeto
Leonard Livingston, WR Pros
List forthcoming
2 pm - 2:30 pm Probation Administrators only

Cindy Yellowhair, Chief PO
List forthcoming
2:30 pm - 3 pm Public Defender Administrators only

Kathy Bowman, exe. Dir., Public Defender
Rosa Cortez, WR PD
Angie Sanford, SR PD
Cecelia Sloan, TC PD
PD Support Staff
3 pm – 5 pm Justware meeting with NNDIT personnel at NNDIT for discussion and to resolve server and installation issues.

NDT:  J Judd, A Laing
NNIJISP:  J Foo, A Spencer, F Burnside, O Bowman
NNDIT:  B Gorman, A Largie, N Billy, A Benallie
Teleconf: Ardham

1.     Ardham assures that servers will be fully installed by Ardham 1st week of June -- 2 servers delivered by May 4, the rest by May 10.  

2.     Nelson plus 1 would like to attend the JustWare user's conference on June 7-11 in Logan.  Conference details are at

3.     Discussion of quotes for Chinle and Window Rock, presented by Alex L., there is a need to modify the quotes, Alex will re-submit firm quotes ASAP to Foo, invoices to be generated including obtaining bids and satisfying Navajo procurement requirements. Target date is first week of June for purchases for IT enhancements of Chinle and Window Rock judicial districts.

4.     Training for Anthony S., ITBSA, discussed.  Nelson B. to provide training on SQL, apps, dot net interfaces, IAS, windows 2000, workflow foundation, C-Sharp etc.  Anthony to report to Nelson every Wednesday.   


Thurs., April 29, 2010, 9 am - 11:26 am
TOC Meeting, Conf Room 1,  Navajo Nation Museum

Committee Members Present:
Chief Justice Herb Yazzie
Officer Mike Lee, alternate for Sampson Cowboy, DPS
Delores Greyeyes, Dir., Corrections
Orlando Bowman, Prog Mgr, IMS
Elrena Mitchell, alternate for Harold Skow, DIT
Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer
Barb Willeto, alternate for Bernadine Martin, Chief Prosecutor
Kathy Bowman, Public Defender
Frank Burnside, WCCU
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT

Absent:  None

NIIJISP Staff Present:
Josephine Foo, PM
Anthony Spencer, ITBSA

Roger Begaye, Peacemaking Program

New Dawn Attendees:
Jed Judd, NDT PM
Adam Laing, NDT Project Implementer


1.     Roger Begaye opened the meeting with invocation.  Meeting was chaired by Chief Justice.

2.     New Dawn presenters introduced themselves to the Committee.

3.     Discussion focused primarily on difficulties in interfacing with CODY.  New Dawn provided their data to CODY 2 months ago for CODY to provide an invoice.  This week, CODY got in touch with NNIJISP and Navajo CODY administrators and informed us that they had taken a data sampling from one police district and the data from that district was deficient.  i.e. fields were not entered correctly, census numbers could be found in 24 different fields, and a search for license plate #, e.g., yielded someone’s name.  The sampling was deficient enough that CODY would like an assurance from Navajo that they are not responsible for the condition of the data, and also, that they will assist to a limited extent in addressing the issues.  We learned that CODY did provide a training in Philadelphia for a train-the-trainer type event, but has never provided thumbnail manuals; the CODY rep said he will go back to his home office and request that this be done.  Also, CODY has also now created a census field.  CODY appears to think this is solely a training issue.  At this time, NNIJISP cannot pursue data exchange without assurance that the data-in will be good data.  Justware users will be typing in DPS info until this issue is resolved.  Officer Lee and Orlando Bowman, representing DPS LE, CODY, and IMS, will convene a meeting between DPS and NNIJISP as soon as possible to discuss pursuing greater cohesion between NNIJISP and DPS and, primarily, to address the CODY issues. 

4.     While NNIJISP has been administered by Judicial for the past 3 years, the consensus of the committee is that it should now be its own separate entity.  Paul Spruhan, Greg Kelly at DOJ assisting NNIJISP in drafting a Plan of Operations for this entity with a governance structure for the NNIJISP committee to continue oversight in more or less the same form, but no longer directly administered by Judicial.  Under the separate-entity NNIJISP Plan of Ops, all justice community funding might be pooled, and all justice community training might be planned so that each agency keeps pace with each other in addressing and working an integrated system.   

5.     Elrena (NNDIT) suggests that, given the strong NNIJISP track record in collaboration for 3 years, that we being pursuing state legislative money for the above integrated IT and training body.  Elrena will be getting back to the Committee with more information.

6.     Judd (New Dawn) stated that a major June 7-11 training in Justware apps in Logan, Utah would be immensely useful to Navajo Nation justice “movers and shakers” rather than entry-level users. 

7.     Barb Willeto (Prosecutors) stated that they are seeking to reclassify Pros & JPO positions into 4 or 5 Office Specialists.  Primary purpose of the reclassification is to assist the Pros in scanning documents for files and conversion into case management system.  When this project is completed the positions will be able to assist the Public Defender's office.  e.g. to work on converting the Public Defender’s manual operations to automated ops by typing in all the PD’s cars into the new CMS.  Kathy Bowman (Public Defender) had no objection and in fact welcomed the assist. 

8.     The Committee had no objection to a plan for canned/sample reports and hide-share protocols to be provided to NNIJISP by New Dawn, which NNIJISP agencies can apply, and then use as a jumping off point for customization. 

9.     An informal meeting to set timelines and project planning was set for 5:30 pm same day at the Quality Inn.  NNIJISP Staff, Director of Corrections, Prosecutor IT and New Dawn agreed to attend.

10.  Orlando Bowman (IMS) informed the Committee about VINE, the victims advocacy program, and the possibility of having a phone service to inform victims of offender status.  NNIJISP is in its infancy, however, and the liability issues are very great if information we provide victims through any such program is not accurate. 

11.  The Committee gave the go-ahead to pursue a National IT grant based on the rural legal network’s project for information sharing between certain pueblo tribes and the Navajo Nation from a few years ago, provided the resolution from that period still applies. 

12.  DPS, apparently, has not filled 10-12 vacant positions at its IMS and has required its CODY administrators to be part-time.  The informal consensus of the Committee was that this may well be an issue, as the IJIS TA report to NNIJISP emphasized the need for dedicated full-time staff for training purposes.  Orlando will pursue an MOA with IJIS Institute for an in-depth diagnostic of DPS' IT staffing needs.

13.  NNIJISP recurring costs, although not to be incurred while the project is in its development phase, will be brought to the Council’s attention during this budget cycle.         

Wed., April 28, 2010
Shiprock Kickoff Meetings.  Phil L Thomas Performing Arts Center, Shiprock

9 am – 11 am

Overview with all Shiprock users and administrators in general session (2 hrs).  Session is intended for all those who will be using JustWare in the Shiprock district.  CODY law enforcement, DOC, records, etc. also welcome to attend. 
11 am – noon Shiprock Court users only
Noon - 1 pm Shiprock Prosecutors office only
1 pm - 2 pm Shiprock Probation users only

List forthcoming


1.     Ms. Daryl Junes, Shiprock Prosecutor, opened the kickoff with a short welcome to all staff members in attendance.  The Shiprock Peacemaker; Mr. Raymond Deal, performed the invocation.

2.     Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP ITBSA gave a brief introduction and an overview and introduced Mr. Jed Judd, Project Manager and Mr. Adam Laing, Project Implementer from New Dawn Technologies, maker of Justware.

3.     Staff from the Police Departments of Crownpoint and Shiprock were  in attendance, as well as the Prosecutor’s- Public Defender, Probation, Corrections from Shiprock.  Also present were the CODY Rep, Mr. Fred Johnston, and Officer Michael Lee, the Navajo Nation CODY Administrator and NNIJISP Committee alternate for Mr. Sampson Cowboy of DPS.

4.     A general session for all users was done in the morning from 9:30 am to 11:15am

5.     Break out session’s for the court staff followed

6.     A session for the Prosecutors office followed

7.     A session for the Probation officer’s followed

8.     Lunch was provided by the Navajo Nation Office of the Prosecutors, Window Rock.

9.     A time was set aside after the session for a question and answer period

10.  Throughout the sessions; users asked if justware would be able to do various things; e.g.

a.     if audio files could be saved as part of the documentation in the files;

b.    what type of reports could Justware run;

c.     how could Justware sort information for reports,

d.    what type of reports could it run;

e.     what if people used different names, social security numbers, alias;

f.     could it print or come with a person’s criminal history.                  

Thurs., April 22, 2010

MANDATORY Prosecutors Worksession to discuss implementation of JustWare, at UNM West Campus opposite Ei Tanner Trading Post, Gallup, NM, 8 am - 3 pm.



Darryl Junes, Shiprock Prosecutor

Ruby Benally, Shiprock JPO

Gloria Dees, Shiprock

Barb Willeto, CPO's office

Gwen Williams, CPO's office

Frank Burnside, WCCU

Leonard Livingston, WR Prosecutor

Anthony Spencer, ITBSA

Josephine Foo, NNIJISP PM

Prosecutors from all judicial districts

List incomplete


Forms and Firewall Share-Hide protocols were discussed moderated by Darryl Junes, Gwen Williams, Anthony Spencer, and Josephine Foo.  Tentative agreement by all prosecutors as to what info should be shared or hidden intra- and inter-agency.  Gloria Dees to write this up and present to Ms. Martin for final approval then submit to NNIJISP staff.  Dees also to compile list of forms not yet submitted to NNIJISP and will submit both the list and the forms by deadlines agreed to at this worksession.

Thurs., April 15, 2010

Web-based Screen Demo

10 am – noon   Probation only (5 lines may call in)

2 pm – 4 pm Courts only (11 lines may call in)

Present in Shiprock:

Anthony Spencer

Josephine Foo

Judge Geraldine Benally

Judge Genevieve Woody

Gibson McDonald, Probation Officer

Janice Harvey, Probation Officer

Lisa Poyer, Probation Officer

Candida Foster, Court Clerk

Lucia Barton-Jensen, Court Clerk

Cornelia Jones, Court Clerk

Shirley Ned, Court Clerk

Caroline Barber, Court Clerk

Marlene Johnson, Court Clerk

Anne Johnson, Peacemaking Office Tech

Ray Deal, Peacemaking Liaison

Heather Anderson, Staff Attorney

List incomplete

Present in Chinle:

Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer

Ethel Laughing, Shiprock Court Administrator

Vanessa Mescal, Chinle Court Administrator

Lavonne Yazzie, Kayenta Court Administrator

Darlene LaFrance, Dilkon Court Administrator

List incomplete

Wed.., April 14, 2010

Web-based Screen Demo

10 am – noon   Prosecutor only (5 lines may call in)

2 pm – 4 pm Public Defender only  (5 lines may call in)


Bernadine Martin, Chief Prosecutor

Barb Willeto

Gwen Williams, Project Specialist

Darryl Junes, Shiprock Prosecutor

Ruby Benally, Shiprock JPO

Gloria Dees, Shiprock Prosecutor Office Support

Kathy Bowman, Chief Defender

Rosa Cortez, WR Defender

List incomplete

Tues.., April 13, 2010

CONNECTIVITY TEST FOR WEB-BASED SCREEN DEMO.  Participants for the actual demo on April 14 or 15 will be both logging in to see the screens, and phoning in to participate via audio.  Please note that the Prosecutor, Public Defender and Probation is each limited to 5 call-in phone lines.  Courts are limited to 11 lines.  Program administrators, please establish beforehand which lines will be calling in.

Those interested in viewing and providing feedback on Justware screen shots for their program will have the opportunity to test their connectivity today.  An Adobe Web Connection Session with JustWare will be open from 8 – 5 pm and you may test connectivity at any time during this period.  For details, please contact

Wed., April 7, 2010

Preliminary Web-Demo to Court Administrators at the regular Court Administrators Meeting in Window Rock.  Ben Mariano will establish an external link to Justware for a preliminary web-based demo of up to ½ hour at the court administrators Window Rock meeting.  This is a preliminary demo with preliminary screen solutions for courts.


List of attendees unavailable.

March 31 - April 2, 2010
Administrator Training at New Dawn, Logan, Utah

Ben Mariano, Judicial IT Manager;
Anthony Spencer, IT Business Systems Administrator
Josey Foo, NNIJISP PM.

Jed Judd, NDT Project Manager
Dave Wettstein, NDT Project Implementer

Topics:  Run-through of JustWare functionality; business rules capabilities; project planning.
March 29, 2010
Statute Import Workbook completed by JFoo.  Prosecutor data and All UserBase screenshots copied by ASpencer.  Probation needs still being internally discussed at PPS.
Mon., March 29, 2010, 9:30 am, NNDIT
TOC Meeting with presentation on Rural Broadband.



Chief Justice Herb Yazzie *

Officer Mike Lee, NNLE (Alternate for Samson Cowboy) *

Delores Greyeyes, DOC *

Kathleen Bowman, Public Defender *

Cindy Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer *

Harold Skow, Director, NNDIT *

Orlando Bowman, Prog Supervisor, IMS *

Gwendolyn William (Alternate for Bernadine Martin,Chief Prosecutor) *

Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Proj Manager

Roberta Sam, Judicial Financial Specialist

Anthony Spencer, NNIJISP IT Business Systems Administrator

Nelson Billy, NNDIT

Alex Largie, NNDIT


Rural Broadband Guests

Brian Tagaban, NNTRC

Greg Kelly, DOJ Natural Resources

Norbert Nez, NNDCD




Frank Burnside, CPO / WCCU *

Ben Mariano, Judicial IT Manager *



* TOC members. 


1.     Rural Broadband Project Presentation..  Mr. Tagaban was the lead presenter on behalf of our guests from the rural broadband project, which has obtained $31 million in stimulus grant funding with a $12 million match.  NTUA will be a middle mile provider, open access and open architecture, which will enable last mile providers to ride on the middle mile for the benefit of end users at lowered costs. 

The project will be completed in 3 years.  NTUA had been chosen for the project as no other department had capacity to string/splice fiber.  There will be layers, beginning with laying fiber. The 2nd layer is building towers with connectivity to other towers.  The 3rd layer is a 4G layer to be rolled out, beginning with Shiprock, down 491 through Chinle to DIlkon, which will provide remote connection.  There will be no fiber build to Tuba or Hopi.  Tuba will be treated separately.  There will be radio shots to chapters and towers. 

Rural broadband is going after 2nd round PCC grants now for computers, wiring and some networking for public computing centers at 309 chapter facilities, totaling $13 million.  The PCC grants are not for administrative computing like NNIJISP, therefore we are not eligible to apply. 

The FCC’s National Broadband Plan emphasizes public safety and will be releasing new frequencies assigned specifically for public safety use.  Rural broadband will be advocating tribal bidding priority for these public safety frequencies.

2.     Issues.  The broadband project faces some governmental barriers.  There are right-of-way issues for which NNIJISP support would help.  Telecoms policy on the Nation has not been treated as a necessary utility--the paradigm needs to be shifted.  There was a suggestion to demand right of ways from land lessees upon renewal soon.  There are no telecoms regulations (however, this does not affect NNIJISP as we are entirely internal).  There is an issue with AZ transaction privilege tax--$15 million per year is taken from the Nation and not returned; these monies should be brought back to the Nation (NM has  CIP fund to return tax monies, AZ doesn’t).  Rural broadband is going after TPT funding, but it’s a deficit year for AZ, and Sen. Hale’s bill 14-36 was not voted on.  NNTRC is developing a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity to ensure obligations with reporting are met, due to acknowledgement of deficiencies in that area.   

3.     Mutual Support.  NNIJISP and Rural Broadband need to interface.  There are no barriers between our projects and we can absolutely provide mutual support.  We can mutually testify as needed.  The development of both projects appear to track each other, beginning in SR and going down to CH/WR etc.  Tuba connectivity is an issue for both projects and should be mutually addressed.  Mr. Tagaban apologized for lack of previous outreach to NNIJISP.  NNIJISP will be emphasized in future. Rural broadband fully supports NNIJISP’s efforts. 

The NNIJISP Committee will hear from our guests again when our written support is needed to the Council in any of the foregoing issues. 

Mr. Tagaban will write a support letter for NNIJISP (we are to provide that draft) 

4.     NNIJISP Enhancements.  The fiber build out NNIJISP is doing through DIT, beginning in Shiprock and moving onto Window Rock/Chinle looks like we are building an internal middle mile, buying our own equipment, lighting up dark fiber, and going to Metro Ethernet for bandwidth.  All this does not interfere with the broadband project, is not duplication, and funding for the NNIJISP enhancements and the rural broadband project complement each other.  We should proceed with MetroEthernet pending completion of rural broadband.  When the rural broadband project is complete, middle mile will be provided to government at cost + 5%. 

5.     Office of Technology.  Discussion commenced on establishing some kind of separate technology entity.  Harold Skow suggested either Public Safety or DIT, with discussion moving toward locating the entity as an Office within DIT since the major duties of the office appear to be IT-related.  However, the Office should be answerable to the present Committee, perhaps as a Commission. 

A workgroup was formed consisting of JFoo, ASpencer, MLee, OBowman, KBowman, GWilliams and, if permitted by NNDOJ, GKelly.  BMariano should also be asked to join.  Workgroup is to begin drafting an IT governance/plan of operations to take to the Council, and we will need a sponsor’s letter.  We will also be exploring an interim measure, e.g. by Executive Order, that will show a preliminary structure and overall pan.  Including, the entity as lead agency that will be NNIJISP lead agency and talk to justice, IT and other programs including Dine health and education.  Workgroup will report back to TOC on May 10.  Budget season is in May, so timeline is short.

6.     Brooms, Janitors and Cats.  Analogies were made between systems administrators and cats and janitors; and between systems and brooms.  It was really helpful!   Bottom line is, use different brooms but sweep every day, and let us in to inspect and give us passwords. 

7.     Action Items:

a.     Workgroup to plan and draft interim governance and present to Committee by May 10.

b.    Draft NNIJIP support letter for Rural broadband / NNTRC (Tagaban) review and signature..

c.     Read up on FCC’s broadband plan.

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, May 10, 9:30 am, NNDIT.

March 25, 2010, 2 pm
New Dawn - NNIJISP PM Telemeeting.  Dave Wetstein (NDT); Foo (NNIJISP); Anthony Spencer (NNIJISP).  Continued discussion on screens.
March 22, 2010, 1:30 pm
New Dawn - NNIJISP PM Telemeeting.  J Judd (NDT); Dave Wetstein (NDT); Foo (NNIJISP); Anthony Spencer (NNIJISP).

1.      Discuss calls between NDT and NNDIT last week, total 6 hours

2.      Form views, suggestions to improve, discussion on limitations of form views including lower speeds, and collapsing grids; discussion of needs of Court Administrators due to high turnover of clerks.

Week ending March 19

Several conference calls between NDT and NNDIT regarding server purchase.  Present: NDT -- J Judd, D Wettstein; NNDIT -- Nelson Billy, Alex Largie.

Calls regarded server configuration and Microsoft Licensing. Nelson forwarded the quotes he received for hardware and software and asked NDT to confirm their accuracy. Through these discussions the number of licenses needed was confirmed and NDT suggested approach to configure the NNIJISP JustWare environment. The diagram below illustrates NDT's suggested configuration.
Click here.

March 18, 2010, 9:30 am
New Dawn - NNIJISP PM Telemeeting.  Present: J Judd (NDT); Foo (NNIJISP); Anthony Spencer (NNIJISP).

1.      Touch base – review progress on action items

2.      Review Training Plan for NNJISIP attending Logan, UT Mar 31

3.      Discuss specs for reports and docs

4.      Review Workbooks

March 15, 2010, 9:30 am, NNDIT
NNIJISP Program Performance Report, FY 2009 - 1st Quarter, FY2010 drafted in response to OMB's query of March 5, 2010 as to the status of NNIJISP.  Provided to TOC and Judicial Finance.
March 12, 2010, 9:30 am, NNDIT
Meeting Notes, NNIJISP Tech Oversight Committee
NNDIT 9:30 am
NEXT MEETING:  Monday, March 29, 2009 @ 9:30 am, NNDIT
Chief Justice Herb Yazzie *
Delores Cowboy, Director, DOC *
Bernadine Martin, Chief Prosecutor *
Lucinda Yellowhair, Chief Probation Officer *
Harold Skow, Director, NNDIT *
Orlando Bowman, Program Supervisor, IMS *
Ben Mariano, Judicial IT Manager *
Josephine Foo, NNIJISP Project Manager
Officer Mike Lee, NN CODY Admin (alternate for Samson Cowboy) *
Ophelia Begay, NN CODY Administrator
Roberta Sam, Judicial FInancial Specialist
Alex Largie, NNDIT
Nelson Billy, NNDIT
There is a quorum.
1.  Balances.  PM Foo explained balances of all NNIJISP accounts.

2.  Server Purchase; MetroEtherNet.  TOC was informed that the server is being purchased.  Discussion of MetroEthernet by Mr. Skow was tabled.

3.  Kickoff Schedule.  Item was not reached and is a discussion item, not for vote, Foo will inform TOC via email.

4.  Job Description, IT Business Systems Adminsitrator.  The JVA for this position was fully discussed and all questions answered by committee members prior to interviews of 2 candidates.   

5.  Interview of Candidates2 candidates were interviewed.  

6.  TOC Votes.   Following the interviews, there was discussion and a vote as to whether to proceed to select from the candidates or continue with the search via public advertising.  The Committee voted 5 - 2 with one abstention to select from the 2 candidates.  The Committee then proceeded to select.

Anthony Spencer was selected for the position by a vote of 5 - 2 with one abstention.  The conditions are (1) completion of NCIC background check prior to hire; and (2) successful completion of JustWare training durign probationary period.

7.  Agenda for next meeting.  The next meeting's agenda will include the following:

  • MetroEthernet
  • Continue discussion of support costs
  • Discuss Memorandum to Controller
  • Discuss governance structure of NNIJISP as a sperate administrative entity
March 10, 2010, 3:30 pm
New Dawn - NNIJISP PM Telemeeting.  Present: J Judd (NDT); Foo (NNIJISP).  Workbook discussion.
March 9, 2010, 8 am
New Dawn - NNIJISP PM Telemeeting.  Present: J Judd (NDT); Foo (NNIJISP).  Further discussions, screen selection.
March 8, 2010, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
New Dawn - NNIJISP PM Telemeeting.  Present: J Judd (NDT); Foo (NNIJISP).  Screen discussion, websession.
March 5, 2010, 9:30 am, NNDIT
Conference call.  IT Status Meeting.

Present:  NNIJISP -- Ben Mariano, Orlando Bowman, Harold Skow, Nelson Billy, Andrew Benallie, Josephine Foo, Roberta Sam.
New Dawn: Jed Judd, Dave Wettstein, Ben.


Next Meeting Monday @ 10:30 - Jed to Call Josey

Not present but should also be in the loop – Alex Largie .  Alex could not be present as he is installing cabling and digging trenches in Shiprock.


  • Will build redundancy in SR and WR:  Windows cluster environment with Raid 10 - it really comes down to financial constraints
  • Highly recommend T1 and Metro Ethernet
  • NDT approved the Ardham invoices, Dave to send out installation guide; Dave says he does not have any suggestions on the specs we received - looks good
  • NDT needs remote desktop connection; NDIT will be able to see the remote screen as installed
  • Install NDT software  apps
  • Install operating system (Nelson: SQL server etc.  Alex/Ben:  Cluster environment.);
  • JustWare software install. SQL, Reporting Server, and Web Server need to be set up by NN
  • What form of Remote Access for NDT?  Open Port for Remote Desktop - non-elimination power card.
  • Make sure IT has a key and to lock
  • Roberta needs 3 quotes
  • Roberta to inform estimated Delivery/Set up of Server
  • Target Justware install:  MARCH 29

 Metro Ethernet

  • Metro Ethernet rollout - through ATT, only using 1 DS3 card, pay 16K to metro (much cheaper) want to connect other 7 districts -  Want to have everyone switched over in 6 months. Include 7 police districts
  • will disconnect T1 when install Ethernet
  • All districts connected in 6 months
  • Highly recommend T1 and Metro Ethernet; Good route to go - Distance will affect; 90 miles each way from SR to WR - NDT can run some speed-test
  • Connection plan – Tuba last by districts own preference; CP also later due to building issues.  Remaining districts per TOC
  • Sole source – Harold to get justification to Roberta

 IT Business Administrator position

  • Convene TOC to interview
  • NDT affirmed that position needs to be people-oriented, capable of negotiating, understanding workflows, trainings; less needed is IT background
  • All districts connected in 6 months


  • NDT gave CODY list of fields
  • Harold:  will we own the API?  What if we need to modify?  Can we see the code?


  • Neee change config management plan
  • Need to make sure nothing is degraded when we switch over
  • Need a network person in KY and SR

March 4, 2010
Update to NNIJISP Tech Oversight Committee; Court Administrators
Re:  Change in New Dawn Project Management and other updates
A.  Change in New Dawn Project Manager.  New Dawn has asked us to approve a re-designation of their Project Manager. 
B.  Team Pre-Kickoff Visit to New Dawn.  Arrangements are being made for myself, Ben Mariano, and the in-coming IT Business Administrator to visit New Dawn's facilities for 3 days at the end of March to be trained in JustWare capabilities and business rules prior to the kickoff.  This will be the vanguard group.  After the kickoff, administrators will be generally trained.  This visit will set the stage for further project planning. 
C.  WebCast Will Be at End of March.  So many people responded to outreach for a webcast interactive screen selection that the schedule has changed.  Around mid-March, there will be a general email sent out to everyone for a login and test on specific dates to test connectivity.  At the end of March, the webcast will take place. 
D.  Hide/Show Info Protocols.  It is time to begin considering each agency's share/hide protocols.  Each court/agency will need to list proprietary info they wish not to be found upon searches by other agencies, or which will be behind a secure firewall and cannot be linked.   All info not hidden will be capable of being shared.
E.  Change in Scheduling of Kickoff Meeting.  Ethel reminded me that April 30 is the Quarterly Judicial Conference, so we will have to work around that date.  Also, Jed as the new PM for New Dawn has asked that the agenda be changed.  He suggests that there be separate sessions for the TOC, for administrators (business and IT) and for end-uers.  New Dawn will also bring up to 30 laptops for interactive sessions, but this will come at some cost that is still being calculated.   
G.  CODY.  Update provided. 
H.  Shiprock Cabling Enhancements.  NNDIT is working night and day to get the enhancements done in Shiprock.  Metro Etehrnet is running and will be switched over in about 2 weeks. 
I.  Server Purchase.  A server is being priced and purchased. 
March 1, 2010
Conference call between New Dawn, NNIJISP and CODY.  Present were Harold Skow, Orlando Bowman, Nelson Billy, Elrena Mitchell, Fred Hershey, Bart Liechty, John Rychlak and Alex Largie.  New Dawn has given their specs to CODY for evaluation and there was discussion of API.   
Feb 19, 2010
Update to TOC on action to be taken on all NNIJISP related grants.
Feb 16, 2010
Update to TOC and Court Administrators.
This morning, the check for the amount due on signing was sent to the vendor.  As a result, the NNIJISP Proof of Concept in Shiprock officially begins as of today.  
Interactive Web Conference for Screen Selection.  The first event will be a remote interactive web conference.  The remote event will be followed by a kickoff that will now be scheduled for April.  It would be most convenient for Shiprock Court for this to occur on April 28 - 30 (Wed. - Fri.).  New Dawn will be focused on Shiprock's 29 projected users. 
Feb 1, 2010
Update to TOC and Court Administrators, PSC and JC.

1.  Update on Amount Due on Signing and Kickoff Schedule.  Once the amount due on signing is paid, planning will then proceed on the project kickoff meetings, which will be week-long, and will include an inter-active presentation of screens for final selection of a screen design by users.  We had to abandon an end-of-February kick-off due to the otustanding amount.  We are now shooting for an end-of-March project kick-off.  Note that we have to work around court schedules.  All courts have an end-of-month "admin week" during which there are no hearings scheduled, which makes the last week of any month ideal for such meetings. 
2.  Purchase of Server.  New Dawn and NNDIT continue to discuss the purchase of a server, which is needed to receive the JustWare software.  The server may be purchased with existing funds, and must be done soon. 
3.  Cabling, Shiprock District Nearing Completion.  NNDIT and Judicial IT went in during the final weeks of December to enhance the cabling of Shiprock Judicial District.  It is approaching completion.  Once complete, the T1 will be extended to law enforcement for 24/7 access.  In order for the Shiprock enhancements to be complete, the prosecutor must also be included.  A substantial portion of expenses for the Shiprock enhancements have this week been approved for reimbursements under a NM JAG/ARRA subgrant.
4.  CODY Data Exchange/JusticeBroker Preparations Continuing.  New Dawn is continuing to discuss data exchange issues with CODY. 
5.  Database and Business Systems Administrator Position To Be Advertised.  A Utah JAG/ARRA subgrant awarded in the final weeks of December enables NNIJISP to hire a DBSA for 2 years.  This is a business-side position, not an IT position, who will be working with the NN project manager on the Shiprock POC then the rollout.  We will be advertising for this position very shortly. 
Jan 19, 2010
Teleconference, NNDIT/Justware and NN Project Manager. 


Nelson Billy, NNDIT
Harold Skow, NNDIT
Chris Dockstader, New Dawn
Dave Wettstein, New Dawn
  1. Nelson phoned in at 9 am; Harold phoned in after Nelson left.
  2. Dave will send recommended specs with ballpark pricing on 2 separate server systems.
  3. Chris described the baseline needs for a server.
  4. Discussion on qualifications needed for the Business Systems Administrator.  Dave and Chris advised that, at minimum, a JW administrator needs to know how the justice office(s) work, be familiar with using computers and websites, be able to type and use MS word, tec., be organized, can handle stress, and can act as go-between departments and ngotiate workflow solutions.
  5. Harold intends to use 2 existing servers orginally intended for legislative anda re not too old; meanwhile the new servers may be procured using FY2010 allocations to NNIJISP.
  6. Harold will make sure Chris is called to join in any NNDIT meeting on the subject. 
Jan 15, 2010
Court Administrators notified that the block of time tentatively scheduled for Wed - Fri at the end of February for Justware screen selection in Shiprock will likely be postponed due to Contract Accounting.  Most likely this will happen at the end of March at the earliest.
This weekend, NDIT is in Shiprock strengthening and moving the T1 cabling.  NDIT staff will put the IT network in place, including a new server.
Dec 28, 2009
Contract with New Dawn signed by President Joe Shirley.