Peacemaking Plan of Operations
   Nahat’á doo na’nitįįn bí’k’ehgo da’iináanii  

          On July 30, 2012, the Law & Order Committee of the Navajo Nation Council unanimously approved the Peacemaking Program’s plan of operations that sets forth the Program’s new traditional services, which are extensive.

             The Peacemaking Program plan of operation clarifies the roles of the program and the courts and incorporates new enacted laws such as the Alchíní bi Beehaz'áanii and the Vulnerable Adult Protection Act.

             The provisions of the new Plan of Operations reverse several decades in which peacemaking has fundamentally changed as a result of efforts to institutionalize peacemaking.  The Program will now strive to fully develop peacemaking in Diné communities.

             The new plan reinforces the independence of the peacemakers, clarifies the goal of peacemaking and reiterates the need for the traditional components to be distinct and separate from court-style processes. It replaces the Peacemaking Guidelines established in 2004.


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