Navajo Nation Code


Most of the statutes in the Navajo Nation Code are not available on this website due to copyright issues.  We are able to provide the Navajo Nation Bill of Rights and The Fundamental Laws of the Diné, Diné bi beenahaz'áanii.  Otherwise, we are able only to link to the full texts of Navajo Nation Council Resolutions that may be the enacting resolution, an amendment, background or history to the statutes. 


The below links will take you to indexes of important statutes, with further links to Council Resolutions.


7 N.N.C. §§ 101 - 1119 Courts and Procedure
9 N.N.C. §§1 - 1817 Domestic Relations

Please note that our statutes may be found in hardbound or CD ROM versions of the Navajo Nation Code Annotated (2005) published by Thomson West.  Each chapter house should have a copy of the 4-volume updated Navajo Nation Code for public use.  Please consult your chapter officials.

The Navajo Nation Code will soon be available online to Westlaw subscribers.