Last updated December 2, 2015

Available on this site are selected Navajo Nation Council/Judiciary Committee/Law and Order Committee Resolutions relevant to the functions and processes of the Judicial Branch, Courts and Peacemaking.

Navajo Nation Code:  Most of the statutes in the Navajo Nation Code are not available on this website due to copyright issues.  We are able to provide the Navajo Nation Bill of Rights and The Fundamental Laws of the Diné, Diné bi beenahaz'áanii.  Otherwise, we are able only to link to the full texts of Navajo Nation Council Resolutions that may be the enacting resolution, an amendment, background or history to the statutes.  Navajo Nation statutes may be found in hardbound or CD ROM versions of the Navajo Nation Code Annotated (2005) published by Thomson West and are available online to Westlaw subscribers. The text of the the Navajo Nation Code along with amendments enacted can also be found on the Navajo Nation Council website or through this link.


These links will take you to indexes of important statutes. 7 N.N.C. §§ 101 - 1119 - Courts and Procedure; 9 N.N.C. §§1 - 1817 Domestic Relations

Selected Navajo Nation Resolutions

11/01/15 CO-42-15 Relating to Law and Order, Naabik'iyáti' and the Navajo Nation Council; Amending Navajo Nation Code Title 7 By Requiring Navajo Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice to Hold a Juris Doctor Degree
07/27/15 LOCJY-06-15 Relating to Law and Order; Designating Judge Allen Sloan As Acting Chief Justice for the Navajo Nation Supreme Court
06/05/15 CMY-17-15 Relating to Law and Order, Naabik'iyáti' and the Navajo Nation Council; Amending the Navajo Nation Ethics in Government Law and Election Code by Requiring All Ethics Judgments to be Satisfied Prior to Candidacy for Elective Public Office
12/01/14 CN-52-14 Relating to Law and Order, Naabik'iyáti' and the Navajo Nation Council; Amending Sentencing Provisions of Title 17, Criminal Code of the Navajo Nation.


CO-48-14 Relating to Law and Order, Health, Education and Human Services, Naabik'iyáti', and Navajo Nation Council; Amending Navajo Preference in Employment Act at 15 N.N.C. §§ 605, 610, and 612; Enacting new section 614; and redesignating sections 615 through 620.
10/27/14 LOCO-08-14 Relating to Law and Order; Amending the Navajo Nation Justices and Judges Salary Schedule
06/12/14 CJN-31-14 Relating to Health, Education and Human Services, Naabik'iyáti' and the Navajo Nation Council; Amending Navajo Nation Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act of 2013 at 17 N.N.C. §§ 2102, 2104, 2105, 2109, 2111, 2112, 2113, 2117 and 2118.
06/12/14 CMY-30-14 Relating to Health, Education and Human Services, Naabik'iyáti' and the Navajo Nation Council; Approving and Enacting the Navajo Adult Guardianship Act of 2014 and Amending 9 N.N.C. § 801 et seq.
02/11/14 CJA-02-14

Law & Order Committee and Nábik'iyáti; Amending the Navajo Nation Election Code at 11 N.N.C. §§ 8, 21 and 240 for Purposes of Clarifying Qualifications Provisions and Delegating to the Navajo Election Administration the Authority to Enforce Qualifications Provisions

12/16/13 LOCJY-17-13

Law & Order Committee; Approving Plan of Operation for Office of Probation and Parole Services

7/29/13 LOCJY-08-13

Law & Order Committee; Amending Hearing Rules on the Evaluation of the Performance of Probationary Judges and Justices

7/23/13 CJY-29-13

Relating to Law and Order and Nábik’iyáti’: Amending Extradition and Detention Provisions of Title 7 and 17 of the Navajo Nation Code

5/29/12 LOCMY-03-12

Law & Order Committee; Amending JCJN-03-08 by Establishing the Dzil Yijiin Judicial District

9/30/12 LOCJY-06-12

Law & Order Committee; Approving the Peacemaking Program Plan of Operation

2/16/12 CJA-04-12

Enacting Title 17, §§534 et seq. The 2011 Navajo Nation Violence Against Family Act

11/23/11 CJA-02-12

Enacting Title 9, §§1901-1925 The Navajo Nation Vulnerable Adult Protection Act of 2011

10/31/11 CO-38-11

Repealing Title 9, §§1051-1307; and Amending and Enacting Title 9, §§1001-1504 The Álchíní Bi Beehaz’áannii Act of 2011

5/11/11 CAP-10-11

Amending Certain Sections of the Navajo Nation Code, Title 2, §§101-35, to conform to the Establishment of the 24 Member Navajo Nation Council by Making Revisions to the Legislative Process and the Standing Committee Structure. See Letter from President Shelly explaining why he chose not to exercise veto authority.

2/1/11 CJA-06-11

Approving a Provisional Amendment to 2 N.N.C. Creating the Nábik’iyáti’ Committee to Function Until Such Time As the Committee Structure of the Navajo Nation Council Can Be Amended to Accommodate the 24 Member Navajo Nation Council.

11/5/10 JCN-10-10

Approving Employee Policies and Procedures for the Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation.

2/24/10 CJA-08-10

Relating to Government Services, Judiciary and Intergovernmental Relations; Enacting the Foundation of the Diné, Diné Law and Diné Government Act of 2009; Amending 1 N.N.C. § 200-207.  (NOTE: The version available for upload contains only the text of the 1/29/10 resolution passed by the Council through the 2/12/10 veto by President Shirley.  The veto was subsequently overridden by the Council on 2/24/10 by a vote of 67-11.).  REPEALED BY COURT ORDER 5/28/10.

2/13/10 CJA-06-10

Relating to Government Services and Intergovernmental Relations; Enacting the Office of Legislative Counsel Amendments Act of 2010; Amending Titles 1 and 2 of the Navajo Nation Code, 1 N.N.C. § 555, 2 N.N.C. §§ 185, 691, 694, 873, 877, 908, 934, and 1964. 

5/21/09 JCMY-02-09 Amending Rules of the Judiciary Committee of the Navajo Nation Council to Evaluate the Performance of Probationary Judges
1/27/09 CJA-02-09 Enacting the Navajo Nation Motor Vehicle Code Child Passenger Restraint Amendment Act of 2008 Title 14 N.N.C. § 547 Infant/Child Passengers Restraints to Include Booster Seat Requirements for 5-12 Year Olds, Up to 4 Feet 9 Inches in Height
7/14/08 IGRJY-154-08 Resolution Approving the Intertribal Workgroup Memorandum to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs ont eh Draft Indian Law and Order Bill
6/5/08 JCJN-03-08 Resolution approving the Judicial Districts of the Navajo Nation; including portions of Huerfano Chapter in both Shiprock and Crownpoint Judicial Districts.  See districts.
5/19/08 IGRMY-109-08 Resolution Approving the Submission of a Memorandum to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on the Proposed Indian Country Crime Bill From an Intertribal Workgroup Comprised of the Navajo Nation, the Hopi Triba and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation
8/10/07 JCAU-07-07 Resolution establishing the Aneth Judicial District.  See districts.
7/19/07 CJY-20-07 Confirming Navajo Nation jurisdiction over sex offender registration and notification for purposes of the Adam Walsh Act  of 2006
5/29/07 GSCMY-19-07 Amendments to Navajo Sovereignty in Education Act 2005 approving amended plans of operations for 12 programs within the Department of Diné Education
5/6/07 CO-51-04 Amendments to Navajo Nation Local Governance Act (Title 26) adopted Oct. 29, 2004, effective following majority chapter approval technically obtained on 5/6/07.
1/25/07 CJA-05-07 Amendments to Navajo Sovereign Immunity Act, 1 N.N.C. §554; and Navajo Nation Arbitration Act, 7 N.N.C. §§1108 and 111
1/25/07 CJA-03-07 Amendments to Navajo Nation Sales Tax, 24 N.N.C. §§605 and 620
1/25/07 CD-66-06 Amendments to the Uniform Tax Administration Statute, 24 N.N.C. §§101 et seq.
10/31/06 - 4/20/07
Resolutions Related to Navajo Nation Gaming
CO-54-06 Memorandum of Agreement Between Hogback Chapter and the Navajo Nation (Oct 31, 2006); CN-59-06 Relating to Elections and Gaming; changing the name of Hogback Chapter to Tse'daa'kaan (Nov 2, 2006); CD-62-06 Relating to Economic Development and Gaming; Approving the Tse'daa'kaan Gaming Enterprise; Amending 1 N.N.C. §552 and 5 N.N.C. §1731 - 1749; Approving Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity (Jan 4, 2007);  Vetoed (Jan 16, 2007); CJA-04-07 Veto Override (Jan 25, 2007); CAP-14-07 Memorandum of Agreement Between Nahata Dziil Chapter and the Navajo Nation (April 20, 2007)
10/20/06 CO-41-06 Navajo Nation Motor Vehicle Authority Act; Amending 14 N.N.C. §§103, 201 and 1700-1720; Approving Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
9/26/06 CS-35-06 Intergovernmental Compact Between the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe.  See also PL 104-301 "Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute Settlement Act of 1996"; and Agreement in Principle for Resolving Issues in Connection with the Navajo-Hopi Settlement Act (PL 93-531 as amended) (October 30, 1992); and the Navajo and Hopi Indian Land Settlement Act of 1974, Pub. L. No.93-531, 88 Stat. 1712 (codified as amended at 25 U.S.C.§§ 640d et seq. (1994)) ("1974 Settlement Act").
5/12/06 CAP-20-06 Sex Offenders Registration Act of 2005.  See related Fed Law requiring tribal opt-in by July 27, 2007 - Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006; and see U.S. Senate Legislative Notice; Summary; Defender Services Analysis; NAESV Analysis; and see CJY-20-07 (July 19, 2007) confirming Navajo Nation jurisdiction.
  CAP-16-06 Approval of Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity within NAPI Plan of Operation to allow lenders to repossess equipment
  CMY-27-06 Navajo Nation Livestock and Foreign Disease Response Act of 2006
2/3/06 CJA-08-06 Amending the Navajo Nation Finance Charge Rate Limitation Act by adjusting retail installment contract rate at 5 NNC 1155(A)
1/27/06 CJA-06-06 Appropriations Act Amendments of 2005
9/2/05 CS-55-05 Navajo Nation Special Elections Act of 2005
8/31/05 JCAU-19-88 Resolution of the Judiciary Committee Recommending Establishment of the Judicial Conduct Commission
7/22/05 CJY-54-05 The Chapters Good Government Act of 2005
7/19/05 CJY-37-05 Navajo Sovereignty in Education Act of 2005
6/28/05 CJY-52-05 Amendments to Title 17 Navajo Nation Code relating to controlled substances
6/3/05 CAP-29-05 The Diné Marriage Act of 2005
4/21/05 CAP-18-05 Diné Natural Resources Protection Act of 2005
10/24/03 CO-72-03 Adopting Comprehensive Amendments to 7 NNC 101 - 853
11/8/02 CN-69-02 Amending Title 1 of the Navajo Nation Code to Recognize the Fundamental Laws of the Diné
1/24/01 CJA-02-01 Navajo Nation Long-Arm Jurisdiction and Service of Process Act of 2000
7/21/99 CJY-71-99 Navajo Nation Consumer Protection Laws - Unfair Trade Practices; Pyramid or Multi-level Sales; Motor Vehicle Warranties; Rental - Purchase Agreements; Pawn Transactions; Finance Charge Rates; Motor Vehicle Deficiency Charges.
4/20/98 CAP-34-98 Navajo Nation Local Governance Act; enacted 9/4/97; revised 4/28/98 as amended by the Council 4/20/98
10/25/96 CO-70-96 Diné Elder Protection Act
11/9/95 RCN-255-95 Amending Homesite Lease Policies and Procedures
12/14/94 CD-111-94 Child Support Enforcement Act
12/22/93 RCD-289-93 Approving Homesite Lease Policies and Procedures; amended by RCN-255-95 on 11/9/95.


Amending 9 N.N.C., Chapter One, to Change the Laws of the Navajo Nation Respecting Marriage and the Validation of Marriage


Domestic Abuse Protection Act
10/27/89 JBO-01-89 Resolution of the District Court Judges in Judicial Conference establishing regulations for registration of private process servers
8/16/89 CAU-49-89 District Courts defined; Family Courts established
12/04/85 CD-94-85 Judicial Reform Act of 1985
2/8/85 CF-14-85 Navajo Nation Children's Code
2/13/80 CF-19-80 Amendment to Jurisdiction of Navajo Courts
7/15/69 CJN-52-69 (Old) Navajo Nation Juvenile Code
11/18/60 CN-63-60 Adoption of Tribal Members
7/18/56 CJ-42-56 Husband and Wife
6/4/40 CJ-3-40 Divorce Requirements, defined